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Andaz Hotels

What is Andaz?

Andaz, formally known as Andaz Hotels, is a luxury travel brand under the World of Hyatt umbrella (in fact, you may see the Andaz Hotels by Hyatt across the internet and in print advertising). Andaz Hotels are boutique hotels, making them quite distinct from other Hyatt properties. But the size and destinations of Andaz hotels are not the only things that make them special. These properties are specifically designed to enable guests to really immerse themselves in the local culture.


Andaz London

At Andaz, our spaces work to dissolve the barrier between hotel and locale, tapping into the surrounding neighborhoods and pulling in elements that reflect each destination’s most authentic and beautiful truths.”

Andaz Bali, for example, is not your run-of-the-mill hotel. It was designed after a Balinese village and is meant to create an experience that represents the country in which it resides. Unlike some resorts, which can be ultramodern and seem to clash with the surrounding area, Andaz Bali is an extension of the Balinese culture. Andaz Bali is pictured below.


To further provide a unique cultural experience, many Andaz properties also offer immersive tours and experiences outside of the hotel grounds.

Visiting an Andaz Hotel

Each Andaz property is one-of-kind, which is what you would expect for boutique hotels. However, even with the unique nature of each property, there are many amenities that often come standard like:

  • Fitness center

  • Free wifi

  • Room service and minibar

You can also take advantage of specific amenities offered by eac hotel by speaking with the front desk at check-in.

Andaz has a global footprint and an ever expanding list of destinations. From Costa Rica to Japan to the Middle East, you can book a stay at an Andaz hotel - today! On top of that, you can soon expect to see Andaz properties in Palm Springs, Mexico City, Doha, and its first hotel in Thailand.

Looking to learn more about Andaz Hotels?

LuxRally Travel is eager to help you book your next luxury vacation, whether that be at an Andaz property or elsewhere. Our travel advisors can assist you in determining which location and property will best meet your needs and will happily do additional research based on any desires you might have.

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