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Swire Hotels

Swire Hotels is a distinguished consortium of distinctive hotel brands that strive to deliver unrivaled hospitality experiences. Their two renowned brands, The House Collective and EAST, grace global destinations with their presence. The House Collective boasts of The Upper House in Hong Kong, The Opposite House in Beijing, The Temple House in Chengdu, and The Middle House in Shanghai. Meanwhile, EAST has a footprint in Hong Kong, Beijing, and Miami. Each hotel under the Swire Hotels umbrella, while exuding its unique charm, is bound by a common thread of aesthetic elegance and an unwavering commitment to service excellence.

Swire Hotels

Clients of LuxRally Travel enjoy all of these benefits at no additional cost. There are no membership, sign-up, or service fees, ever.

LuxRally Travel Benefits:
  • Breakfast for two daily

  • Room upgrade upon arrival, when available

  • $100 credit per stay for use in spas or restaurants

  • Early check-in, when available

  • Complimentary Wi-Fi in room

  • Late check-out, when available

  • Welcome Amenity

  • VIP Service

A Closer Look

Established in 2008, Swire Hotels has been reshaping the landscape of luxury and business hospitality in Hong Kong and Mainland China. With its two distinct brands, "The House Collective" and "EAST", Swire Hotels has carved a niche for itself, offering unscripted and authentic experiences that stand out in the bustling hotel industry.

The House Collective: A Symphony of Luxury

The House Collective is a group of small, highly individual luxury hotels designed for seasoned travellers who seek an intimate and unique experience. Each property within this collective exudes its own character and charm, yet all share the common thread of providing guests with distinctive and personal luxury.

EAST: Redefining Business Travel

EAST, on the other hand, is a group of lifestyle business hotels that redefines the concept of work travel. These properties are designed with modern comforts and a vibrant ambiance in mind, catering to professionals who appreciate efficiency, contemporary design, and innovative dining.

One of the notable establishments under the EAST brand is EAST, Hong Kong. Opened in early 2010, this was the first of Swire Hotels' EAST brand. The hotel features 346 rooms and suites, one restaurant, and a rooftop bar and was designed by renowned Hong Kong-based architect Wong Tung & Partners and interior design studio CL3 Architects Ltd.

The Swire Hotels Experience

What sets Swire Hotels apart is their commitment to crafting extraordinary hospitality experiences. Each property is meticulously designed to offer a unique atmosphere and personalised service. This dedication to exceptional guest experiences is evident in their growing popularity, as seen by their substantial following on social media platforms like Instagram and Facebook.

Swire Hotels' success is also reflected in their impressive annual revenue, which stood at $749 million in 2021. This demonstrates the strong market presence and financial stability of the brand.

Leadership and Ownership

Dean Winter, as the CEO, is responsible for the day-to-day leadership of the Swire Hotels portfolio under the two brands, EAST and The House Collective. The parent company is London-based John Swire & Sons Limited, part of the privately owned Swire Group. Under their guidance, Swire Hotels continues to expand its footprint and redefine hospitality standards.

In conclusion, Swire Hotels stands as a testament to the power of innovation and authenticity in the hospitality industry. Whether it's through the luxurious offerings of The House Collective or the contemporary vibrancy of EAST, Swire Hotels continues to deliver unforgettable experiences to guests from around the world.

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