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Become a Luxury Travel Agent with LuxRally Travel's Free, Online Travel Agent Training

Are you interested in becoming a successful travel agent or luxury travel advisor? Enrolling in LuxRally Travel’s free online travel agent course is the best way to get started! Our training program offers an extensive overview of the business—with the goal of helping newcomers gain the skills and knowledge necessary to become knowledgeable and profitable professionals in the luxury travel industry.

Our comprehensive Teachable platform covers topics like the role of a travel agent or advisor, sales techniques, hotel benefits programs, accounting and finance, third-party supplier booking processes, reward programs for agents, and ancillary services such as car rentals and guided tours. You’ll also get detailed information on our Forbes Five-Star LuxRally Travel Concierge services.

Once you complete the self-directed travel advisor training course, you’ll have access to one-on-one remote mentorship sessions with our Vice President of Sales. This person will guide you each step of the way with their expertise—answering any questions that come up during your journey toward becoming a top-grossing travel agent or advisor.

The most important skill that any successful travel agent or advisor needs is to stay current on industry trends and changes. With our online courses, you can stay ahead of the curve—equipping yourself with all of the knowledge required in order to thrive in this dynamic field!

So if your ultimate goals include becoming a highly sought-after luxury travel agent or advisor, then look no further than LuxRally Travel’s free online training program. Enroll today--and begin your journey towards success!

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