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David Eisen: How the Top Grossing Luxury Travel Agent is Driving Dreams Around the World

David Eisen is believed to be the highest-grossing single travel agent in the world, servicing everyone from young high-net-worth entrepreneurs to billionaire families. Born and raised in New Jersey, he started as a luxury car enthusiast who wanted to provide the utmost experience for himself and those around him. He began running a Luxury Exotic Car Rally (LuxRally), which quickly gained momentum and popularity with its adrenaline-filled activities during the day and five-star dinners and accommodations in the evening.

But it wasn't until after his first rally that David realized his true calling—luxury travel. LuxRally had caught the attention of many high-profile clients from around the United States, and after working with them, he noticed they all had one thing in common—their love for luxurious experiences. It was then that David decided to transition into a full-time luxury travel agent, offering bespoke packages tailored to each individual's desires with trips ranging from luxury cruises to safaris across Africa.

His extensive network of contacts and on-the-ground experiences have allowed him to secure access to many iconic locations worldwide for his clients. This success has propelled David's reputation as one of the industry's top-grossing but most discreetly recognized travel agents, catering exclusively to the top luxury travelers from around the globe. His portfolio includes a range of exclusive commissions undertaken on behalf of some of the biggest names in business, including private conferences at some of the world's most opulent resorts, celebrity entourages, and month-long, multi-suite family trips at the most desirable Forbes Five-Star properties.

David understands that each individual has distinct needs when planning their perfect holiday. He works closely with his clients, listening carefully and quickly discerning what they hope to achieve; fulfilling dreams is central to his business ethos — something unique amongst other experienced travelers – making him well respected by many within the luxury travel sector.

As social media becomes ever more present in our lives, word continues to spread about David's services through private groups of high-net-worth individuals. His reputation has infiltrated some of the most exclusive circles of wealth - firmly establishing him as one of the top luxury travel agents globally — something no one would have predicted when launching LuxRally all those years ago.

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