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LuxRally Travel: Training New Agents to Quickly Book Hotels, Tours, and Rental Cars

Are you considering a career as a travel agent but are intimidated by important booking tools like GDS? Look no further than LuxRally Travel! Free, comprehensive online training courses designed for new agents make learning and using the powerful GDS system easy.

GDS systems can be intimidating, especially for those unfamiliar with DOS-like interfaces. The commands are complex, and there is no user-friendly graphical interface to make things more comfortable. For those without a technical background, the learning curve may seem impossible. But with enough patience and persistence, anyone can learn how to navigate these systems and reap the rewards that come from mastering them.

Unfortunately, few host agencies take the time to teach their agents about GDS systems, leaving many travel agents forced to rely on less efficient booking tools that don't always get the job done. By enrolling in LuxRally Travel's GDS training course, new agents will unlock their full potential as professional travel advisors.

For professional travel agents, quoting and booking trips efficiently is essential for increasing profits and closing deals. Time is always of the essence, and a few seconds can mean the difference between getting the perfect hotel at a great rate or settling for something less. By mastering GDS systems, agents can search through thousands of hotels, tours, car rentals, and flights within seconds. GDS systems also enable agents to search through special rate codes quickly. GDS systems offer access to exclusive discounts and special offers from a variety of hotels, airlines, car rental companies, and tour operators that can't be found anywhere else. This helps agents save their clients time, money, and hassle by offering them unbeatable rates that no other booking tool can match. Using GDS ensures agents always secure the best possible deal for their clients and boost their earnings with every booking.

The GDS travel agent course includes lectures from industry experts with years of experience in the field, which covers topics such as fare rules, taxes, and regulations associated with international travel, GDS commands, processes, and shortcuts. At the end of the GDS module, participants receive an exam that tests their understanding of the material before receiving their GDS credentials, validating their qualification as professional users.

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