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General Leisure

Luxury Travel Simpliflied

LuxRally Travel books everything from Hotels and Cruises to Tours and Transportation. Your agent will get your budgets, dates, and desires and then guide you toward your dream destination. By booking with LuxRally Travel you'll be eligible for a host of benefits from free upgrades to early/late checkout. Additionally, our VIP clients have access not only to their travel advisor, but also our in-house Forbes Five-Star trained concierge team. 



The extra mile for enhanced luxury 

Our team has personal relationships with the managers of nearly all Forbes Five-Star hotels around the world. Combining our contact list with the appropriate strategies, we are able to maximize your investment. Our VIP clients receive the best-negotiated prices for suites and amenities, leaving nothing on the table.


Mystery travel

The pinnacle of excitement, sans stress

Give us your budget, dates, and basic parameters (i.e. warm weather, good food, and international location) and we will create the ultimate mystery trip for you with unique excursions and destinations. Giving you only the minimal details, you will be surprised at every turn with luxurious and exotic experiences.


road trips

Road Trips re-defined, scenic routes with luxurious destinations

Experience the beauty of your destinations in a completely new way as you drive through the most scenic routes in the world. Valleys, forests, and mountains greet you from the comfort of your car on these epic road trips. Moving from one hidden gem to the next, LuxRally Travel curates driving excursions that immerse you in both natural beauty and the luxuries you expect from five-star accommodations.


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You've Just Unlocked the Ease of Luxury Travel Sans Fees.

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