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Born From the Exotic Car World

LuxRally Travel got its name from LuxRally, a Luxury Exotic Car Rally. No one could have guessed we'd become the most disruptive travel agency in the world.

Exotic Origins: The Car Rally That Started it All

Imagine driving through some of America's most beautiful back roads with 40 exotics cars and 80 of your closest friends. Your final destination for that day is the Inn at Little Washington. You park your car in the field next to the acclaimed Three-Michelin Star venue. As you leave your 812 Ferrari, hotel staff present Champagne and canapes. A private performance by a world-renowned DJ from Major Lazer has already begun, and you decompress. After freshening up, you join the rest of the rally for an intimate dinner, with no dress code, in Patrick O'Connell's Inn at Little Washington. The rally has bought out the restaurant; nothing is out of place. Patrick O'Connell comes to your table and greets you personally. After dinner, you retire for cigars and fascinating stories with fellow ralliers. The next day you rinse and repeat. This experience was curated by David Eisen, the founder of LuxRally Travel, on the Pinnacle Rally 2021.


Moments like these ripple through the car community, from car photographer kids to Pagani owners; everyone in the car world knows that David Eisen understands how to spend money. Post-Rally travel requests came in such force that LuxRally Travel was born.

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Real Stories

Our founder is interviewed by Shrewed Negotiator, Ed Bolian, on VinWiki

In an exclusive interview on VinWiki, our founder David Eisen engages in a captivating conversation with renowned car legend and shrewd negotiator, Ed Bolian. This video candidly showcases LuxRally Travel's exceptional level of service provided to VIP clients, offering a unique glimpse into the world of luxury travel.


Under the Hood: Not Your Typical Travel Agency

LuxRally Travel is revolutionizing the luxury travel industry using unconventional methods to attract and retain billionaires and high-net-worth clientele. Where other agencies charge fees and chase FAMs LuxRally Travel focuses on providing convenient value to the world's wealthiest luxury travelers and their peripheral markets. Many of our agents are from our networks in the exotic car community. This offers our clients access to well-traveled advisors who "get it" when it comes to luxury.

Hospitality professionals with experience working in Forbes Five-Star properties comprise the LuxRally Travel concierge and business development teams. Understanding what is under the hood of a hotel means that the LuxRally Travel team can cut to the chase and make practical moves with their hotel partners while always acting as fiduciaries for the client.


Our in-house concierge also acts as a supporting arm for our hotel partners in servicing our VIP clients. Knowing when hotel staff are becoming disconnected from a VIP's needs means that the hotel and LuxRally concierge can avoid potential problems through proactive communication. Knowing which bottle of wine a VIP may want at dinner, setting up spa appointments, and coordinating personalized welcome gifts for top spenders are just a few ways our in-house team smooths out the logistics of our client's trips.

LuxRally Travel, the Ultimate Upgrade

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