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Amangiri Luxury Hotel

For decades, the Aman brand has evolved into a cutting-edge luxury brand of hotels, resorts, and residences. With a large global presence, it is well-known amongst high-end travelers. One particular Aman treasure is the Amangiri luxury hotel in Canyon Point, Utah. Located in the remote desert, surrounded by the natural beauty of massive mesas, this hotel is truly unlike any other. Its minimalist interior design, coupled with the way the exterior blends into the surrounding landscape, is truly in a class of its own.

Amangiri Luxury Hotel Accommodations

Every accommodation at Amangiri is extremely luxurious. Guests can choose from a suite, homes, or a tented pavilion at Camp Sarika, just a few minutes from the main property. The suites combine indoor and outdoor living experiences with private swimming pools and breathtaking views. The Mesa Home is a further upgrade with 4 bedrooms and an additional layer of seclusion. It is surrounded by 600 acres of undeveloped land, so it makes for a perfect escape from the hustle and bustle of day-to-day life. It comes with a 50-foot infinity pool and a professional grade, among other incredible amenities.

For an immersive and alternative getaway, guests can book a pavilion at Camp Sarika. A pavilion is a very large indoor/outdoor tent-like structure with private swimming pools and 1-2 bedroom options. Pavilions have a similar feel to the suites but are a bit more outdoorsy. Whichever accommodation you choose, you’ll be getting a truly distinct exposure to some of Utah’s finest scenery.

Dining at Amangiri Luxury Hotel

Although Amangiri is remote and woven into the landscape, guests do not have to compromise on cuisine at all. Guests can dine at Amangiri for breakfast, lunch, and dinner (with a specific menu for children) and enjoy the unique flavors of its Native American cuisine. We recommend the 'Spirit of the Journey’ tasting menu for at least one night of your stay. For those staking at Camp Sarika, there is a delicious restaurant in the main pavilion with locally-sourced meat and produce.

Booking your stay at Amangiri

LuxRally Travel is eager to assist you in booking your stay at Amangiri. We are also happy to work directly with the hotel staff to make any special arrangements for you and your travel party. We can also help you flesh out your itinerary by recommending nearby activities and restaurants - whatever you might need; we are here to help.

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