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Are travel agents outdated?

There’s no denying that the travel industry has changed. With the explosion of online travel tools, websites, blogs, and rating sites, one might naturally wonder whether there is a need for travel agents and travel advisors today. It’s true that anyone with a credit card can book transportation and a place to stay in most locations across the world. If you’re familiar with the destination you plan to visit, then you might be the best person to craft your ideal trip there. The average vacation might not require assistance from a travel expert. But what if you’re looking for a vacation that’s better than average? Perhaps you’d like to treat yourself to an “off-the-charts'' vacation! Well, getting the best experience for your money isn’t as straightforward as doing a simple Google search.

So, again, are travel agencies a thing of the past? Definitely not. Luxury travel comes at a premium price, which means that getting your trip right is all the more critical. Working with a luxury travel advisor ensures that your travel experience is perfect and that the VIP itinerary you’re paying for is the VIP itinerary you get. There’s a certain peace of mind that comes from knowing that a travel expert puts their stamp of approval on the trip you’re taking.

Navigating Luxury Travel

Let’s say that you want a luxury vacation somewhere with access to a beach as well as hiking and a reputable food scene. Where do you begin? Yes, you can spend weeks (and even months!) combing through luxury hotel websites and following influencers on social media, but there is still a risk that the selection you make might not meet your needs. That’s where a luxury travel advisor comes in! With nearly 24/7 access to the advisor, you can continually refine your priorities and preferences for your upcoming trip and the advisor can suggest the right destination as well as the right hotel and activities.

Added Benefits of Luxury Travel Agents

Another benefit of working with a luxury travel advisor is that they have strong relationships with many of the larger hotel brands, often resulting in free perks for their clients. For travel agencies that repeatedly bring clients to a certain hotel, the brands might extend an invitation to those agencies to join their exclusive benefits programs (for example, Hyatt Prive and Hilton Impresario).

Still not sure? Reach out to us at LuxRally Travel and we’ll give you an initial taste of what a luxury travel advisor can do for you.

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