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Iniala Harbour House Malta Luxury Hotel

Just south of Italy and Sicily in the Mediterranean Sea is the country of Malta, a delightful little archipelago (a group of islands). Nestled within one of Malta’s harbors is a Forbes five-star luxury hotel, Iniala Harbour House Malta. This high-end boutique hotel is four separate houses or residences grouped. It is built into the coastline and overlooks the breathtaking blue water and beautiful architecture lining the island.

Non-traditional accommodations

Suites come in a variety of floor plans with different amenities, each marvelously and uniquely decorated. The suites are a bit cozy but include a living area separate from the bedroom. The Grand Residences offer much more space but the same exquisite decor. Guests can elect for a harbor view, several bedrooms, and a full kitchen with high-end appliances. A plunge pool comes in many residences for cooling off after a day in the sun.

Suites and rooms are available in each of the many buildings at the hotel. The buildings are The Harbour House, The Grand Residences, The Hideaway House, and Iniala Modern. Each one houses suites but with a distinct style and ambience. Iniala Modern, the most recent addition to the hotel, is true to its name, with a minimalist and modern feel coupled with the coastal view.

Dining & activities at Iniala Harbour House Malta

Among other things, Iniala Harbour House Malta is known for its rooftop restaurant, ION Harbour, featuring the Michelin-starred chef Alex Dilling. Drawing on French cuisine for inspiration and also utilizing local ingredients, Chef Alex delivers a fine dining experience that pairs well with the luxurious hotel and harbor view.

For breakfast and lunch within the hotel, guests can visit The Breakfast Club on the rooftop terrace or order room service directly to their room. There are ample restaurants in the vicinity of the hotel, and either our staff or the hotel staff itself can assist in making a recommendation.

Through the hotel, guests have access to a myriad of incredible experiences. We recommend a snorkeling or diving tour to explore the underwater landscapes and a kayaking tour around the harbor for a unique perspective. Yachts and other boat tours can be booked easily as well as a wine tasting. Malta’s wine industry goes back thousands of years and the vineyards offer both a culinary and historical experience.

Booking your stay at Iniala Harbour House Malta

LuxRally Travel is eager to assist you in booking your stay at Inala Harbor House Malta. We are also happy to work directly with the hotel staff to make any special arrangements for you and your travel party. We can also help you flesh out your itinerary by recommending nearby activities and restaurants - whatever you might need, we are here to help.

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