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Mauna Lani | Luxury Resort in Hawaii - Auberge Resorts

One of the premier properties you can visit in Hawaii is Mauna Lani of the Auberge Resorts Collection. Located on the breathtaking Kohala coast, this property’s name means “mountain reaching heaven”, which is apt given the divine experience you can expect when staying there.

What to expect at Mauna Lani

If you’re looking for a quintessentially relaxing and high-end trip to Hawaii, just like the ones you may have been salivating over while scrolling through your Instagram feed, then Mauna Lani is a great option for you.

It checks all boxes: a luxurious VIP ambiance, gorgeous oceanfront and ocean views, a top-rated golf course, and a wellness center with tennis courts. You might expect all this, plus the standard amenities, like gorgeous guest rooms, an impressive fitness center, spa, and many swimming pools.

Cultural immersion

While you certainly get the resort feel you signed up for when staying at Mauna Lani, you can also immerse yourself in Hawaiian culture and ecology. In short, Mauna Lani is a place to be explored! From the seas to the trees and everything in between, there are many days' worth of destinations to be visited on the property (for families or by oneself). Yes, you can experience Hawaii’s famous snorkeling, but Mauna Lani also offers canoe tours and one-of-a-kind trekking excursions. You can enjoy the best of both worlds in terms of vacations - resort and authentic exposure to the land and history.

Book Mauna Lani today

LuxRally Travel is eager to book your trip to Mauna Lani whenever you’re ready. We can even work directly with the resort staff to make unique, special arrangements for you and your companions. There’s no limit to what we’ll do to make your stay as perfect as possible.

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