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Nomad Las Vegas - Luxury Destination

Navigating the hotel scene in Las Vegas, NV is no easy task. Fortunately for you, our team at LuxRally travel has precisely the expertise you need to find the perfect hotel for your Vegas trip.

Nomad Las Vegas

NoMad Las Vegas is part of the Park MGM on the Strip, meaning it’s right in the center of the actions! This deep partnership with Park MGM is referred to as a “hotel in a hotel”, meaning that Nomad Las Vegas resides within a larger resort, offering guests an entirely different experience. In this case, that experience is a taste of a European home set in the backdrop of the world's gambling capital. Guests can enjoy all the attractions that Las Vegas is known for (casinos, live entertainment, fine dining) but stay in an upscale hotel with a different feel from many competing resorts.

Where to Begin with Nomad Las Vegas?

Following check-in, guests can make their way to the concierge for assistance with narrowing down which of the many activities and amenities to explore. For starters, the Nomad Library is a must in terms of cuisine. The ambiance alone will beg you to order a drink, at the very least. It’s sophisticated and intimate while also dripping with a grandiose design. This same upscale feel carries to the NoMad Pool but with a twist: woven through the entire outdoor pool experience are elements of Moroccan culture, making for a truly unique experience.

What would a Las Vegas hotel be without a casino, right? Well, Nomad also delivers, in their unique way, when it comes to its casino. It offers a limited number of games, each with high limits, to make the stakes all the more fun. With its Tiffany glass ceiling and award-winning cocktail menu, Nomad Casino is far from your run-of-the-mill slot machines and the nearby hotel.

Even as far as high-end, luxury experiences go for the Strip, Nomad is near the top of the charts, if not leading the pack. Guests can expect the standard amenities offered elsewhere (free wifi, fitness center, room service, valet parking, etc.), but Nomad Las Vegas goes well beyond that.

For experienced Las Vegas travelers, it’s important to note that Nomad replaced the Monte Carlo, to avoid confusion if you’re looking for that hotel.

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