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Simplify Your Destination Wedding With Sarah Slack

Planning a wedding can be quite challenging. It becomes even more stressful when you have to negotiate with a property that knows you're personally invested. That's why we strongly suggest that the couple and their loved ones avoid direct negotiation. Sarah Slack, a luxury travel agent at LuxRally Travel, can help turn your dream destination wedding into reality.


How it works


Firstly, Sarah is not a wedding planner; she is a travel agent. Why use a travel agent for a destination wedding? Because we know how to properly negotiate with your venue to maximize your investment. What's more? These services are 100% free to you.

Sarah will:


  • Consult with you before doing anything else to ensure she understands your vision and expectations.

  • Submit bids to all hotels that fit your budget and goals unless a specific property has already been selected.

  • Proactively communicate with you as progress is made and ensure your feedback guides her next steps.

  • Aggressively negotiate with the hotel, or hotels, once your selections are made.

  • Provide insights on how to leverage discounts from the hotel to help finance your wedding. For example, if she negotiates your group block at 40% off, you could offer the rooms to your wedding guests at 20% off and use the other 20% margin to cover additional costs for the wedding.

  • Walk you through all of your options. Things like attrition are foreign concepts to most people; not understanding these industry terms can cause couples to overpay, leave value on the table, or worse, become liable for a massive amount of money if their group block doesn't fill up as they thought.

  • Ensure everything is perfect in your contract, maximizing your value and reducing your stress. The contract will reflect your needs from the hotel, including things like site rental fees (which they can usually have removed), group block size and attrition, catering (if done by the hotel), free rooms for the couple, and more.

  • Provide all of this value at no additional cost. 

How it Works
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Lock in Your Destination Wedding Venue

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Submitting the form above does not commit you to anything, so completing it will be the best way to get your questions answered. However, we know that some of you may be nervous about taking this step, and that is completely fine and normal. Email Sarah with any questions you might have and she will get back to you promptly.


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