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Six Senses Hotels

Six Senses Hotels can be found all over the world, but mostly in Asia. Each property offers unique features and attractions that make it stand out. From the beautiful turquoise waters of the Maldives to the rugged mountains of Bhutan, each hotel provides a unique setting for guests to enjoy.

One of the exceptional services provided to guests at Six Senses Hotels is their emphasis on wellness. With a variety of facilities and experiences like yoga, meditation, and spa treatments, guests are encouraged to prioritize their physical and mental well-being during their stay. Additionally, the hotels feature top-notch dining options, with locally-sourced ingredients and creative menus that cater to all dietary needs, including vegan and vegetarian options.

The architecture and design of Six Senses Hotels are also noteworthy. Most of the hotels blend seamlessly with their natural surroundings, creating a unique ambiance that cannot be found elsewhere. The use of sustainable materials is also apparent in the design, giving each property a unique charm.

Moreover, Six Senses Hotels actively participate in sustainability initiatives, aiming towards zero waste and carbon neutrality. They work with local communities to provide employment opportunities and support environmental conservation efforts.

These hotels attract a diverse set of guests, from wellness enthusiasts to adventure-seekers and honeymooners. One such guest, Alice, expressed, “Six Senses provides an elevated experience that feels personalized and focused on what truly matters. You can just let go and enjoy the beauty around you”. Staff members also go above and beyond to ensure the guests have an unforgettable stay.

For wellness enthusiasts, the Six Senses Spa at the Douro Valley property in Portugal comes highly recommended. Foodies will enjoy the Maldives property which boasts the largest organic garden in the country, and outdoor enthusiasts would find Bhutan’s Six Senses an ideal getaway.

In conclusion, Six Senses Hotels offer a unique experience that appeals to those seeking luxury, wellness, sustainability, and personalized service. Each hotel has its own charm and appeal, catering to different types of travelers. So, whether you’re seeking adventure or relaxation, Six Senses Hotels have got you covered.


Clients of LuxRally Travel enjoy all of these benefits at no additional cost. 

Breakfast for two daily

Room upgrade upon arrival, when available

$100 credit per stay for use in spas or


Early check-in, when available 

Complimentary Wi-Fi in room

Late check-out, when available 

Welcome amenity

VIP Service

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