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Alec Gutierrez

Luxury Travel Agent

From an early age, Alec was captivated by the allure of global exploration. His journey began as a member of an international sales team for a prestigious nine-figure manufacturing company, allowing him to traverse the world and nearly every corner of the United States. This unique opportunity to travel extensively on a professional level ignited his passion for luxury travel and exposed him to the finer aspects of globetrotting.

Over the past decade, Alec has honed his skills in the hospitality industry, culminating in his most recent role as a Bar & Nightclub Manager and VIP host. In this position, he expertly coordinated VIP and Bottle Service experiences for an elite clientele, including athletes, celebrities, and socialites. His innate ability to cater to high net worth clients, coupled with his extensive travel experience, has equipped him with the necessary tools to excel in the luxury travel sector.

In addition to his hospitality expertise, Alec possesses a wealth of knowledge in managing travel arrangements at the corporate level. Tasked with organizing trips for himself and a team of six individuals, he developed a keen understanding of the intricacies involved in planning seamless travel experiences. This background allows him to anticipate the needs of his clients and provide them with unparalleled service.

Alec's diverse skill set and passion for luxury travel have led him to join the esteemed LuxRally Family. As a global travel advisor, he is eager to share his expertise and curated experiences with discerning travelers seeking to indulge in the finest adventures the world has to offer. With a meticulous eye for detail and an unwavering commitment to client satisfaction, Alec is poised to make a significant impact on the luxury travel industry. As a member of the LuxRally Family, he looks forward to creating unforgettable memories and fostering lasting relationships with clients who share his enthusiasm for exploring the world in style.


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