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Unapologetically The Best Host Travel Agency

By Courtney Eisen

January 9, 2024

Yes, we are the best host travel agency, and we assert this with confidence. Upon entering this antiquated industry, we were astounded by how straightforward its modernization could be. Here's why we are unequivocally the best host travel agency for individuals who aspire to not only launch a travel business but also maximize earnings and client satisfaction.

Our Profit is Tied to Your Success

Yes, you read that correctly. We actually incur losses on our agents until they begin generating sales. If you want an assurance that your host agency prioritizes your sales, follow the money trail. Numerous host agencies remain solvent by charging for travel agent training and imposing monthly or quarterly fees on their agents. They profit regardless of whether their agents make sales. Hence, their entire business model hinges on recruitment rather than nurturing their existing agents.

The cherry on top? Our initial commission split for agents is 80/20, meaning you retain 80% of your earnings. Compare this with other host agencies, and you'll discover that most start at 70/30, with some even going as low as 60/40, leaving you with only 60-70% of your earnings. A lower commission split does not necessarily translate into better support for you.

We Equip Our Agents to Earn

Our training program is rigorous, and not everyone passes. It's designed to be challenging so that upon completion, you are genuinely prepared. We train our agents not just on using booking tools—from GDS to Expedia TAAP—but also on effective communication of their value proposition and closing deals through role-playing exercises. Our training provides a comprehensive understanding of the hospitality sector and highlights poor business practices that limit earning potential, such as charging fees. This may seem counter-intuitive, given that many large travel companies advocate for charging fees. However, we know, without a doubt, that charging fees can limit your long-term earning potential, a concept we explain thoroughly in our training. We are so certain in this belief that our agency bans our agents from charging fees. Instead, we focus on quick-quoting and efficiency so that, should a tire-kicker come along, they take a minimal amount of your time.

Upon graduating from our program, we continue to support our agents with weekly classes and opportunities for one-on-one sessions with our sales and marketing teams. We conduct bi-weekly AMAs (Ask Me Anything) Sessions with our founder, David Eisen, who earns seven figures from his own clients. He is there to help you grow your business; it's akin to receiving golf tips from Tiger Woods. As mentioned earlier, we don't profit until you do, so we have every incentive to help you start making sales. These are just a few ways our team assists our travel agents in building their travel businesses.

We Foster a Genuine Community

Starting out can be overwhelming, especially if you lack firsthand experience with properties that your clients are interested in. Our group chat facilitates constant communication among our agents. You can ask any question in the chat, and someone will likely have had experience with the property you need insights on.

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Our agents sign anti-poaching contracts, ensuring they cannot steal a client from another LuxRally Travel Agent, which promotes free-flowing communication. If an agent attempts to poach a client, they may face expulsion from our agency. Moreover, if another LuxRally Travel Agent books a trip for a stolen client, the original agent on record receives the commission. We've never had an agent steal a client, thanks to our tight-knit community and clear consequences.

We Want You Selling, Not Doing Inefficient Manual Tasks

In the past, we spent countless hours on tasks like commission collections and commission matching for our bookings. When we established LuxRally Travel, we aimed to minimize time spent on these tedious tasks. Our agent portal features numerous time-saving tools, such as automatic commission collection emails and auto-commission matching.

We are continually adding time-saving features to our travel agent portal, enabling our agents to devote more time to serving clients and less time to repetitive admin tasks that can be automated. With our tech background, we quickly build everything in-house, unlike other agencies that piece together old technology, resulting in a buggy and disjointed interface.

We Maintain Strong Relationships with Brands

When we meet with global sales managers of travel brands, they all echo the same sentiment: "You are our fastest-growing agency partner" and "you're doing things differently." We understand the hotel side of the business. Many members of our team have worked as General Managers and hospitality experts in hotels, so we speak their language. They recognize our mutual goal of increasing revenue and creating repeat business, which allows us to cut through inefficient communication to enhance our client experiences and profitability. We know what to ask for, how much, and when. Our tactful approach is appreciated and respected by our travel partners. For instance, like many hotel brands, we discourage FAM Trips and advise our agents against associating themselves with such practices. We aim to create win-win-win scenarios where the hotel profits, our agents earn, and our clients maximize their travel investments.

Additionally, we have a dedicated team negotiating exclusive deals and offers for LuxRally Travel clients. When we request something from a hotel, they take it seriously because we drive volume, are competent, and are easy to work with. We train our agents to adopt this mindset, saving everyone's time and boosting earnings.

We Have an In-House Concierge Team

One unique offering for our agents, which we have yet to see provided by any other agency, is access to our in-house concierge team. These individuals have experience in Forbes Five Star Properties and Michelin Star restaurants. They are multilingual and have worldwide connections. Their value is immeasurable, and they come at a premium. David Eisen brought a concierge onto his team for support so that his VIP clients had someone to assist with high-touch requests. We understand that our agents may not be able to afford such staff initially, so we allow our agents to utilize the concierge at a low rate in 15-minute increments. This is very affordable when dealing with high-spend clients, significantly enhances our agents' client experiences, and allows our agents to focus on selling.

What can our concierge staff do? Many things. For example, our in-house concierge team creates detailed client profiles, which include preferences ranging from pillow type to mini-bar items, favorite wines, and parking preferences. The concierge sends this profile to the hotel ahead of your VIP client's arrival and then works to fulfill as many of the items as possible. Of course, the implementation of preferences largely depends on the amount spent by the client. Someone staying in a presidential suite will have more requests fulfilled than someone in a regular room. We excel at knowing what the hotel will provide, enhancing your client's experience. Clients willing to pay for above-and-beyond services can also have these arranged by the concierge.

As you may have seen in our VinWiki video about "What do Hyper Car Owners Ask for at Five Star Hotels," these types of requests can be as interesting as needing Starbucks every 45 minutes. While this may sound excessive, the hotel loves it, as these types of clients pay for the service and tip well, leaving the hotel exhausted but satisfied. The concierge does far more than client profiles, and utilizing the concierge is explained in detail during training.

We Didn't Intend to Start a Host Travel Agency

As you may already know, if you've been researching us, we started as an exotic car rally, and our clients began requesting that we handle their trips. We developed our processes based on the input and requirements of ultra-high-net-worth individuals. Our philosophies are built on what luxury travelers truly desire, not what outdated travel agents tell us on forums.

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We Have High Standards

Despite our numerous advantages, we acknowledge that our team may not be the perfect fit for everyone. Our agency is specifically tailored for driven individuals who are determined to earn a substantial income in the six to seven-figure range and are willing to go above and beyond for their clients. 

If your primary motivation for entering this industry is to enjoy travel benefits or if you view this as a casual hobby, it would be more beneficial for you to consider an agency that operates on a monthly or quarterly fee basis. We fully understand and support those of you who wish to pursue this part-time until your earnings can comfortably replace your current salary. However, if your intention is never to transition into selling travel full-time and merely wish to embark on a few FAM trips annually, our environment may not be conducive to your success.

We maintain a strict policy of removing agents from our program if they fail to meet performance standards or do not actively participate. For instance, neglecting to check your email for a period of thirty days will result in termination. Similarly, failing to make a single sale within a 90-day timeframe will also lead to removal from our team. 

Numerous host agencies exist where you can pay a fee to join, and they'll permit you to remain an agent for years, even without making a single sale. Their primary interest lies in your subscription fees, not your sales volume. However, this is not the model we follow. 

At our agency, all of our agents are actively engaged in selling. Admittedly, it's a higher-pressure environment compared to other host agencies, but that's because we have expectations from our agents. This approach may not suit everyone, but for those who are serious about their career, it's an ideal fit.

Our team is characterized by high performance, seriousness, collaboration, and a relentless pursuit of excellence. This is not a haven for inefficiency, entitlement, or laziness. Our primary focus lies in financial growth, nurturing our agents' development, and ensuring client satisfaction. Anything outside of these core values does not align with our mission.

Ready to Join the Best Host Travel Agency?

LuxRally Travel is more than just a host travel agency; we are a community of driven individuals committed to excellence and client satisfaction. We provide comprehensive training with full travel agent certification, ongoing support, and a competitive commission split to ensure your success. Our unique approach to the travel industry sets us apart from other host travel agencies. If you're ready to maximize your earnings and launch a successful travel business, learn more about how to become a travel agent at LuxRally Travel. Join us in disrupting the industry and providing unparalleled service to clients worldwide.

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