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What is a Host Travel Agency?

Have you ever dreamed of planning trips and helping others make their vacation dreams come true? If so, you might be interested in becoming a travel agent. But starting from scratch can be tough. That's where a host travel agency comes in!

The Basics

host travel agency is like a helpful partner for people who want to sell travel but don't have the resources or desire to handle all the behind-the-scenes work. These agencies are established businesses with lots of experience and connections in the travel world.

Think of it this way: if you wanted to open a store, you'd need a place to set up shop. A host travel agency gives travel agents a "space" in the industry without the cost and hassle of starting their own business from the ground up.

How It Works

When you work with a host travel agency, you're basically running your own business, but with a big team supporting you. You get access to:

  • Travel booking systems: These are fancy computer programs that let you book flights, hotels, cruises, and more for your clients.

  • Industry connections: Host agencies have relationships with airlines, cruise lines, and resorts, which can mean better deals for your clients.

  • Support and training: They'll teach you the ropes and help you out when you have questions.

  • Marketing tools: Some host agencies provide websites, business cards, and other marketing stuff to help you look professional.

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Working with a host agency has some cool perks:

  1. Less startup cost: You won't need to spend as much money to get started because the host agency already has the tools and systems you need.

  2. Earn commissions: When you book travel for someone, the host agency gets a cut, and so do you.

  3. Flexibility: You can often set your own hours and work from home.

  4. Grow at your own pace: You can start part-time and grow into a full-time gig if you want.

Choosing the Right Host

Not all host agencies are the same. Here are some things to think about when picking one:

  • Reputation: Look for agencies with good reviews and happy agents.

  • Support: Make sure they offer travel agent training and will provide help you'll need.

  • Costs: Understand what fees you'll pay and what you get in return. Our host agency is free to our agents.

  • Commission split: Find out how much money you'll make from your sales. Our commission split starts at 80/20, meaning you keep 80%.

  • Priorities: Some host agencies prioritize recruitment over development. Make sure you are not signing up for a Travel MLM. They unfortunately exist in many shapes and sizes in this industry.

Our Host Travel Agency

If you've found us, you likely already know we are a host travel agency with competitive commission splits and free travel agent training. You may have already read some of our LuxRally Travel Reviews, but if not, give them a gander. We also have this handy chart so that you can easily compare us to the competition.

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