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Forbes-Rated Hotels in Kyoto

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August 28, 2023

Forbes-rated hotels in Kyoto offer an unparalleled level of luxury and sophistication. With their impeccable service, stunning design, and world-class amenities, these accommodations provide a truly unforgettable experience for discerning travelers. From traditional ryokans that exude old-world charm to sleek modern hotels with cutting-edge technology, there is something for every taste and preference. Get ready to indulge in the finest hospitality Kyoto has to offer.

Four Seasons Hotel Kyoto

Forbes Four-Star Hotel

Four Seasons Hotel Kyoto, which opened its doors in 2016, has successfully filled the void of first-class luxury hotels in the city. Located in the serene Higashiyama district, the property captures the essence of Kyoto's rich heritage while providing modern comforts and amenities. The hotel boasts a traditional and elegant design that exudes a Zen vibe, creating an atmosphere of tranquility.

Guests are greeted with spacious rooms and suites that are amongst the largest and most comfortable in the area. The double-height windows allow for ample natural light, further enhancing the sense of space and openness. Reflecting the style of a traditional Kyoto house, the guest rooms incorporate elements like long hallway entrances and secondary doors, adding to the overall feeling of serenity.

The accommodations are tastefully appointed with touches of Japanese craftsmanship, including washi-paper lamps and custom-made Four Seasons beds. Guests can enjoy breathtaking views of gardens or temples from their rooms, and some even have the luxury of private balconies. For those seeking an exceptional dining experience, Four Seasons Hotel Kyoto offers a variety of options within its walls. Sushi Wakon, overseen by renowned chef Rei Masuda, showcases the finest seafood and carefully curated delicacies. On the first floor, Brasserie impresses with its picturesque garden views and seasonal dishes that highlight local flavors. To complement the culinary offerings, the bar at Brasserie presents an impressive selection of Japanese beers and rare sakes.

Hotel Okura Kyoto

Forbes-Recommended Hotel

Hotel Okura Kyoto, nestled along the serene banks of the Kamogawa River, is an exquisite destination that exudes a rich sense of history and tradition. Since its establishment in 1888, this iconic hotel has stood as a true landmark of Kyoto, captivating visitors with its timeless charm. The grandeur and style of the lobby, adorned with marble pillars and a magnificent staircase, create a captivating first impression. The hotel staff, embodying the essence of Kyoto hospitality, offer unobtrusive yet warm service to ensure an unforgettable stay.

Blending Western and Eastern influences seamlessly, Hotel Okura Kyoto achieves a perfect harmony between traditional atmosphere and modern comforts. With recent renovations enhancing its appeal, the hotel strikes a delicate balance, providing guests with a luxurious experience that reflects the essence of Kyoto's cultural capital. The spacious accommodations, whether it be a standard room or the opulent Imperial Suite, showcase an understated elegance that invites relaxation and serenity. Each room offers breathtaking panoramic views, further enhancing the overall experience.

Culinary delights await guests at Hotel Okura Kyoto, with a variety of dining options to satisfy discerning palates. The Orizzonte buffet and lounge on the 17th floor entices with a lavish spread of nearly 60 dishes, allowing guests to savor delectable meals while indulging in stunning top-floor vistas. For an unforgettable dinner, Tokiwa presents the finest Japanese black beef, cooked to perfection on their impressive teppanyaki grill. Alternatively, Irifune tantalizes taste buds with the renowned kaiseki style, where each dish is crafted to resemble a work of art, stimulating all senses.

Immerse yourself in the rich tapestry of Kyoto's heritage and experience unrivaled luxury at Hotel Okura Kyoto. With its downtown location, convenient subway access, and captivating views of the Higashiyama Mountains, this esteemed establishment continues to be the preferred choice for those seeking an extraordinary stay in this cultural gem of Japan.

The Hotel Seiryu Kyoto Kiyomizu

Forbes Four-Star Hotel

One of Kyoto's most intriguing repurposings comes in the form of The Hotel Seiryu Kyoto Kiyomizu. This Forbes-rated hotel takes its name from the word for "azure dragon," the mythic protector of the Higashiyama district. The hotel perfectly blends Kyoto's rich heritage with modern amenities, making it a top choice for discerning travelers.

Refurbished from an elementary school dating back to the 1930s, The Hotel Seiryu Kyoto Kiyomizu offers breathtaking vistas of the city and serves as an ideal base for exploring Kyoto's historic sites. While maintaining elements of its academic past in the lobby and guest rooms, the hotel boasts a stunning fusion of minimalist modernist design and traditional Japanese aesthetics. This unique blend creates an elegant and comfortable atmosphere that appeals to both swanky and laid-back visitors alike.

Conveniently located near the iconic Kiyomizu-dera Temple, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, this boutique hotel provides 48 guest rooms spread across the first to fourth floors. The school's outward appearance has been retained but thoroughly modernized with bespoke additions. For a truly memorable experience, the rooftop bar offers panoramic views of Kyoto, making it a must-visit spot for relaxation and unwinding.

With 15 different types of rooms and one suite available, The Hotel Seiryu Kyoto Kiyomizu guarantees a personalized and luxurious stay for its guests. Come and experience the perfect harmony of old-world charm and contemporary comfort at this exceptional Forbes-rated hotel in Kyoto.

Hotel The Mitsui Kyoto, A Luxury Collection Hotel & Spa

Forbes Five-Star Hotel

Hotel The Mitsui Kyoto, a Luxury Collection Hotel & Spa, seamlessly combines modern understated elegance with a rich history. Located in the historic city of Kyoto, which served as Japan's imperial capital for a millennium, this hotel is a true testament to the country's cultural heritage. From the art of tea to the intricate calligraphy, MITSUI immerses guests in the very essence of Japanese culture.

Situated across from the 17th-century Nijo Castle, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, Hotel The Mitsui offers a tranquil and rejuvenating experience for visitors. The property has been fully restored and updated with meticulous attention to detail. Its central courtyard, adorned with a beautiful weeping cherry tree-focused garden and a serene pond, serves as a natural focal point, providing a sense of peace and tranquility.

With 161 thoughtfully designed rooms and suites, three restaurants, a spa, and an onsen, Hotel The Mitsui Kyoto ensures that each guest's needs are met with precision and discretion. The staff, dressed in traditional attire, are always on hand to assist with top-tier amenities, ensuring a seamless and enjoyable stay. The hotel is replete with captivating scenes depicted on walls and ceramics, offering glimpses into the vibrant history of Kyoto. Not to be missed is the ceramic sculpture by artist Yukiya Izumita, elegantly displayed in the lobby, evoking the ambiance of ancient temple gardens.

For ultimate relaxation, guests can indulge in the onsens, which draw water from a natural hot spring beneath the property. The spa onsen provides a private sanctuary for contemplation and respite. For those seeking utmost privacy, the Onsen Suite offers approximately 1,100 square feet of space, complete with an outdoor Japanese tub, expansive living room and bedroom areas, and meticulously crafted artworks and furniture made from sakura cherry wood.

Suiran, A Luxury Collection Hotel, Kyoto

Forbes Four-Star Hotel

Suiran, A Luxury Collection Hotel in Kyoto is truly a sight to behold. From the moment you step foot onto the narrow cobbled riverside street, flanked by Old World boats, and pass through the thatched gate into the meticulously manicured Japanese gardens, you know you're in for an enchanting experience. This Forbes-rated hotel exudes traditional Kyoto hospitality and offers a picture-perfect blend of historic architecture and modern comforts.

Located in the scenic district of Arashiyama, on the western side of Kyoto, Suiran boasts 39 intimate guest rooms. Each room showcases the very best of Japanese design and comfort, with unique themes that range from moonlit river motifs to minimalist elegance. The hotel seamlessly combines elements of a traditional Japanese ryokan with contemporary Western touches, creating a harmonious ambiance that captivates every visitor.

One of the highlights of Suiran is its Meiji-era style restaurant, Kyo-Suiran. Housed in a building dating back to 1899, this restaurant offers delectable teppanyaki dishes made with locally sourced ingredients and a seasonal 10-course dinner called Kinshu. As you savor these delectable meals, you can gaze out at the stunning green hills and winding river of Arashiyama. For a more casual experience, the riverside terrace Café Hassui is the perfect spot to unwind while indulging in matcha-filled sweets and afternoon tea.

Suiran, A Luxury Collection Hotel epitomizes the essence of Kyoto, offering a seamless fusion of tradition and modernity. With its breathtaking surroundings, impeccable service, and unforgettable dining experiences, Suiran is sure to leave a lasting impression on any discerning traveler.

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