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Utopia of the Seas vs. Icon of the Seas

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February 2, 2024

In 2024, Royal Caribbean will be introducing two fresh vessels - the Icon of the Seas and the Utopia of the Seas. These magnificent ships showcase distinct and remarkable characteristics that set them apart. The Icon belongs to the novel Icon class series, making it the first of its kind, while the Utopia will be the final addition to the Oasis class series.

Before We Jump In...

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Ship Features

The Icon of the Seas has many features, so passengers are in for a treat as they explore the diverse amenities on the ship. With eight unique neighborhoods, ranging from lively nightlife and casinos to heart-pumping activities such as rope courses, waterslides, and rock climbing walls in the Thrill Zone, and a relaxing atmosphere in the Chill Zone, which features the largest pool at sea and a swim-up bar, there is certainly something for everyone. On the other hand, details on the Utopia of the Seas are yet to be fully revealed, but it is expected to have eight neighborhoods just like its counterpart. However, it has been announced that Utopia of the Seas will offer an unparalleled dining experience with its innovative "dining car" virtual concept, which marks a first-of-its-kind initiative.

Dining Options

Frequently Asked Questions About Icon V.S. Utopia

What class is Utopia of the Seas?

Utopia of the Seas is a luxurious Oasis-class ship Royal Caribbean International owns. It offers unparalleled luxury and entertainment, with features such as Central Park, zip lines, and a variety of dining options. The ship also provides state-of-the-art spa and fitness facilities and thrilling activities like rock climbing and surf simulators. With its impressive amenities and unforgettable itineraries to stunning destinations worldwide, Utopia of the Seas promises an extraordinary cruise experience.

What is unique about Utopia of the Seas?

Utopia of the Seas stands out from other cruise ships' unique features. Apart from the usual amenities, it offers mini-golf, two rock walls, a thrilling zip line, and the longest Ultimate Abyss slide at sea. This incredible slide is 43 feet longer than any previous version, making it the longest dry slide you can experience on a cruise ship. Utopia of the Seas truly takes entertainment to new heights, providing an unforgettable experience for its passengers.

Is Utopia of the Seas the same as Icon of the Seas?

Yes, the Utopia of the Seas and Icon of the Seas are two different ships. The Icon of the Seas is part of the novel Icon class series and will be the first of its kind, while the Utopia of the Seas will be the final addition to the Oasis class series. Royal Caribbean plans to introduce both vessels in 2024.

Is the Icon of the Seas the biggest cruise ship?

Icon of the Seas, built for Royal Caribbean International, is set to become the largest cruise ship in the world. With a massive gross tonnage of 250,800 GT, it will dominate the seas when it enters service in early 2024 from PortMiami in the US. This impressive vessel is sure to redefine luxury and offer an unforgettable experience for passengers.

What makes Icon of the Seas different?

Icon of the Seas stands out from other cruise ships with its unique feature: a lush green space onboard filled with thousands of natural plants. This open-air garden neighborhood offers a delightful dining and live music setting, allowing passengers to enjoy a vibrant atmosphere amidst nature. Furthermore, Royal Caribbean is set to introduce Lou's Jazz 'n Blues, a new jazz club located in Central Park, adding another exciting entertainment option for guests.

Icon of the Seas stands out with its impressive waterpark, Category 6. This waterpark is said to be the largest at sea and features six thrilling slides. From an exhilarating free-fall slide to a 46-foot drop slide, as well as family raft slides and mat-racing slides, this waterpark promises endless fun and excitement for passengers on board.

Is Icon of the Seas the largest waterpark at sea?

Icon of the Seas boasts the largest waterpark at sea, offering an impressive array of six water slides, seven pools, and nine whirlpools. As the world's biggest cruise ship, it has completed its initial sea trials and is set to join Royal Caribbean's fleet in 2024.

Does Icon of the Seas have an adults-only area?

Yes, Icon of the Seas has an adults-only area called Cloud 17SM. It is a stylish poolside oasis where adults can relax and enjoy frozen cocktails at The Lime & Coconut® bar. Additionally, it features the most extensive swim-up bar at sea called Swim & TonicSM.

What is the most expensive room on the Icon of the Seas?

The most expensive room on the Icon of the Seas is the Ultimate Family Townhouse. Priced at approximately $75,000 per week, this luxurious accommodation offers an unparalleled experience. Its extravagant amenities and exquisite design provide a genuinely opulent stay for those willing to indulge in the ultimate luxury at sea.

How old is Utopia of the Seas?

Utopia of the Seas is Royal Caribbean's newest ship, set to launch in July 2024. As the sixth addition to the Oasis Class, it boasts an open-air design and exciting features such as an AquaTheater and Central Park.

Does Utopia of the Seas have a laser tag?

Yes, Utopia of the Seas does have a laser tag! You can find the laser tag arena in the "Studio B" complex on Deck 3. It's a super fun experience with glow-in-the-dark gaming and incredible special effects. And if you're up for a challenge, check out the "Escape Room" on Boardwalk Deck 6. It's submarine-themed and offers a thrilling team gaming experience where you solve puzzles.

Why Book with Luxrally?

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