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LuxRally Travel x VFW Post 3559
We've joined forces with VFW Post 3559 to create an ecosystem of support for veteran travelers and veteran travel agents.
Image by Samuel Branch

Book With a Veteran Travel Agent

Choosing a veteran travel agent means more than just planning a trip. You're entrusting your journey to someone who understands unique needs, while also supporting a veteran with each time you travel. It's a simple way to give back and ensure you're in good hands.

Become a Veteran Travel Agent

Becoming a veteran travel agent with LuxRally Travel offers more than a career path. We provide free agent training, cover errors and ommissions insurance, licensing, and offer a special mentorship group for veterans.

Get Involved

Support the Opening of VFW Post 3559

Supporting VFW Post 3559 is an act of gratitude towards our veterans. You can contribute by participating in their events - each ticket purchased serves as a direct contribution to the welfare of veterans and their families. The Veterans Day Parade, organized by VFW Post 3559, is another significant event where your presence would be greatly appreciated. Moreover, raising awareness about their cause is as simple as following their Instagram handle @vfw3559 and sharing their mission with your network. Additionally, this post is dedicated to supporting entrepreneurial programs for veterans, so if you are a business owner and want to get involved, reach out to them for collaboration. Your involvement can make a substantial difference in honoring and supporting our veterans.

Our Veteran Agents
Meet the agents who are making this program possible. Not only have these individuals served their country, but they have volunteered to help new veteran agents get started! Work with them to support their travel business.
Cody Sitton
Steven Sheldon
Veteran Agents

LuxRally Travel Partners with VFW Post 3559 for Entrepreneurial Programs

As part of our collaboration, LuxRally Travel and VFW Post 3559 are launching an entrepreneurial incubator program. This program will help veterans develop their business skills and explore new career paths. We are proud to offer free training sessions for veterans interested in becoming travel agents, covering all licensing and insurance costs to ensure no financial burden.


To enhance the learning experience, LuxRally Travel has enlisted the support of experienced veteran agents who will serve as mentors. Our vision is to create a strong network of support within the veteran community by connecting new veteran agents with veteran agent mentors.

Work With a Veteran Agent

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