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How to become a travel agent in Alaska

Ready to become an Alaska travel agent?

Becoming a travel agent in Alaska is easy; becoming a successful travel agent requires the right mindset, learning resources, and community. You do not need to enroll in a college hospitality program or pay hundreds or thousands of dollars for vocational training. Becoming a top-producing travel agent in Alaska is an attainable goal for anyone willing to learn, network, and work hard.

Did you know Luxrally travel offers free online travel agent training?

Choosing the right host agency

Unless you plan on starting your own agency, you must find a host agency. The host agency will ensure you are properly licensed and insured so that you can operate with legitimacy. Host agencies vary in many ways, from commission splits to backend systems. Many host agencies are still very old school and therefore time consuming to work with, often using outdated systems and taking days to respond to inquiries when you need help.

Each host agency also has a different culture. Some agencies are very hands-off, focusing on providing access to tools. Other agencies focus on comraderie, with agents often helping each other with destination recommendations and how to use booking tools. We would strongly recommend reading more about how to choose the right host agency and spend time thinking through what support you need to reach your goals.

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Is Luxrally travel the right host agency for you? 

LuxRally travel is a unique agency in that it was founded by and exotic car rally owner who has become one of the highest grossing travel agents in the world in just a few years. David has taken a unique approach to the industry focusing on speed and service. He does not believe in charging service fees but instead focuses on high net worth individuals who become hooked on LuxRally's Five-Star service standards. While his methods are unconventional, LuxRally Agents are earning many times as much as agents from traditional agencies.

LuxRally Travel offer a free online travel agent training course that takes 12-16 hours, and two-thirds of the course is self-directed.After completing the travel agent training, you will be a fully licensed and insured agent, ready to sell with an entire community of other agents to turn to if you have questions.

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