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A Travel Agency Like No Other

"Eisen’s agents are trained to perform all of the steps in the very first customer meeting rather than multiple steps over weeks. That means a successful recruit cannot be a travel agent who is used to a more leisurely pace, like a bank clerk, and must be someone excited to move fast, like a salesman.


As a result, Eisen and his agents can book hotel and airfare on a multi-city European trip for a client within 20 minutes. And clients can ask to change plans in real-time, while on the trip because the itinerary isn’t set in stone (cancellation penalties are applied in some cases). Instead of lengthy, wordy emails, communications are done via text."

Who We Are

We are exotic car enthusiasts turned travel industry disruptors. We have tech and ultra-luxury running through our blood and we are changing the way people think about travel agents. We never say no, we give a price. Want a reservation at a sold out restaurant? We make a table appear. Want first right of refusal on the most exclusive suites during high-demand events like F1 or the Olympics? We have the contacts for that. We are problem-solvers, risk-takers, and capitalists. We understand how the travel world works and therefore keep our clients from getting worked by the system. We are LuxRally, an exotic car rally, turned travel agency. We represent the eccentric, the wealthy, the experience seekers, those who are tired of the run of the mill experiences offered to the masses. We are the people who will have you back, be there for you 24/7/365 and advocate for your interest over everything else. If you want candid advice on hotels, ask us. Luxury is relative and you feel that when you read hotel reviews. We have the insider information to ensure you are well informed about the state of the property before arriving. We are free to use, and always will be. Our agents earns multiples of the average because we don't adopt industry norms. We book trips of all sizes to destinations globally. Once you become a client, you will have one point of contact for all of your travel arrangements. The best part? Once you are in our system, you can book a trip by sending a text.




Miami, FL

Our Team

Our team is comprised of travel professionals with extensive experience in Forbes Five Star hotels and Michelin Star dining, both from management and patronage. Additionally, David and Courtney Eisen bring both programming and marketing expertise, respectively, which allows us to keep everything in-house and quickly respond to the needs of the market.

Our Mission

At LuxRally Travel, we aim to simplify travel. We will never stop innovating this industry with technology, high standards and common sense.

We will break the traditional agency model as we continue to provide unrivaled value to both our agents and clients.

Meet the People Behind the Agency

Become a Client, the Ultimate Upgrade

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