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No prior travel agent experience needed. In fact --  we prefer you don't.

One of the main draws of being a Travel Agent is your ability to make commissions from something that everyone does already, travel. The difference is, we get access to special discounts and deals that others do not have, including Online Travel Agencies like Expedia.

This is a commission only based 1099 contract. While we will be here to train you and give pointers, you should treat this like starting your own business. You will be responsible for winning your own clients and managing your own time. We recommend you do this part time until you've created a large enough client base to comfortably replace your current job's salary. Most of our team of agents have started down this path and have become full-time.

frequently asked questions

Who are we looking for to join our agency?

  • General Hustlers, those that are here to make money, and know how to sell.  If you have no sales experience, but can prove to us you are a natural born hustler, we want you.

  • Those with prior sales experience, Mortgage Brokers, Car Dealers, Jewelers, IT Sales People, Concierges, Hotel Sales Managers, Medical, Pharma, Top Producing Real Estate agents, timeshare sales people, really any kind of sales etc…

  • Individual with large networks that deal mostly with the upper middle class and wealthy.

  • Those that have a passion for all things travel, especially luxury travel and luxury dining.

Who are we not looking for to join our agency?

  • Existing Travel Agents.  The average travel agent makes $46,000 a year.  We have a system to make multiples of that.  We train our agents to be a certain way, and don’t want to fix other agents.

What do I need to do to become a travel agent?

  • We have built an expansive training program for brand new agents that have never booked travel before and, it's completely free. Agents are required to take it and set up a one on one training session with one of our trainers. All of this is offered to you, free of charge, with one requirement, that you stay with our agency for one year. You can expect the training to take a total of 12-16 hours, three-fourths of which is self-guided. Once training is completed, you’ll officially be an agent!

  • A solid computer (preferably with multiple screens) and smartphone.

  • A current job that allows you to temporarily interrupt your day to handle small issues. This rarely happens, but it is a 24/7/365 career, although you won’t be working all the time.

What can I earn commission on?

  • Hotel Stays (including groups)

  • Cruises

  • Flights

  • Tours

  • Car Service

  • Travel Insurance

  • Rental Cars

  • Private Villas

  • Private Jets

  • Luxury Trains

How do I get paid?

  • We offer a commission split based on your received commissions from your client’s bookings.  It is one of the best commission splits in the industry.  While we do not share it publicly, just know that even experienced agents won’t receive the same split and level of support in our industry.   The most productive LuxRally travel advisors can make over one million dollars in commission per year.

What if I fail?

  • Follow our training and it is likely that you won’t.  However in the rare case you do, you will owe nothing to us, so you have nothing to lose but some time!

What if I succeed?

  • You become the envy of all your friends, having one of the best and most rewarding jobs on the planet, making great money, and jetsetting the globe.

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