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Chris Hockman

Luxury Travel Agent

Based in the vibrant city of San Antonio, TX, Chris Hockman is your premier luxury travel agent. With a specialization in crafting unforgettable experiences across Australia, navigating the high seas with opulent cruises, and orchestrating magical Disney vacations.

Chris has an exciting lineup of adventures planned for the future. In February 2024, he will set sail on a majestic cruise. By August, he'll be experiencing the thrill at the Paris Paralympics. As the year draws to a close in December, he'll be discovering the wonders of Australia. And come January 2025, he'll indulge in an Australian Cruise.

Born and raised in Australia, Chris' passion for exploration was ignited by cherished family trips within his native land. This early exposure to the joys of travel instilled a wanderlust that has continued to flourish throughout his life. With a plethora of extraordinary travel encounters under his belt, Chris is not just a guide but a gateway to creating your ultimate travel narrative.

Armed with a degree in Tourism Management, Chris possesses a multifaceted understanding of the travel industry. His expertise spans from the perspective of a tourist to the intricate workings of corporate and governmental tourism sectors. As a former committee member for long-term tourism planning in his hometown and a current member of his local Parks and Recreation Commission, Chris brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to the table.

Dedicated to delivering unparalleled value, Chris ensures that every client enjoys premium experiences without compromising on quality. His commitment to excellence is unwavering, whether he's meticulously planning your next escapade or finding you the best possible prices.

When not traversing the globe, Chris can be found immersed in the world of sports, providing insightful reporting and commentary in stadiums across the land. Or, he might be spotted relaxing by a serene body of water, enjoying life's simpler pleasures alongside his beloved wife, Destiny.

With Chris Hockman, luxury is not just a service—it's a promise. Prepare to elevate your travel expectations as Chris guides you through a tapestry of rich destinations and once-in-a-lifetime events.


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Using a travel agent is easy. To begin, complete our new client form. From there, you will be matched with a travel agent unless you request one by name. Your dedicated agent will contact you through your preferred communication method for more information. We can discuss trips through text, phone, Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, or whatever your preference may be. Once your agent has your information they will double-check for best price and value across multiple tools only accessible to travel agents. After providing you a quote and receiving your approval, your agent will book and manage your trip. You will save time, money and have an overall better experience with one of our industry insiders overseeing your trip.


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  • Do I need experience to become a luxury travel advisor with LuxRally Travel?
    No, we do not hire prior travel agents. Our methods and philosophies are often opposite to that of traditional travel agencies. For example, we do not believe in charging service fees, and this is something experienced agents cannot wrap their heads around. Additionally, while we enjoy free travel occasionally, we do not believe in FAM culture. FAMs are free group trips for travel agents and often create a conflict of interest between the agents and their clients. Traditional travel agents may send people to a location in exchange for a FAM trip. We find this practice repulsive. The average travel agent makes $46,000 a year; LuxRally Travel agents make multiples of that, hitting six and even seven figures. The LuxRally system is best for beginners as it takes more energy for us to fix existing agents than to make new ones.
  • Who is a good fit for the LuxRally Travel team?
    We want general hustlers here to make money and who know how to sell. We want you if you have no sales experience but can prove to us that you are a natural-born hustler. Those with prior sales experience, mortgage brokers, car dealers, jewelers, IT salespeople, concierges, hotel sales managers, medical, pharma, top producing real estate agents, timeshare salespeople, etc., tend to be better at not only understanding the value of their networks but also understand how to advocate for their clients when interacting with vendors. We also look for individuals with large networks that deal primarily with the upper middle class and wealthy and those with a passion for all things travel, especially luxury travel and luxury dining.
  • How much does LuxRally Travel's Agent Training cost?
    Zero. Free. No hidden fees, no catch.
  • How long does LuxRally's travel agent training take?
    The training can be broken down into three portions: A Self-Guided Course on Teachable: 20-50 hours (varies by the speed of the individual). This should take you 2-4 weeks. A Launch Meeting on Microsoft Teams: 1-2 hours (scheduled weekly) You Will Have a One Week Period to Prepare for Your Practical Exam A Practical Exam / Final Assessment on Microsoft Teams: 3-4 hours (scheduled weekly) You have four weeks to complete the Teachable portion of your training. If you do not complete the training within four weeks of your enrollment (note: enrollment occurs after your contract is signed/counter-signed), you will be removed from the program. You have three attempts to pass your practical exam. If you fail on your first attempt, you may retake it the following week. You can expect to become an agent within 3-6 weeks, depending on how quickly you complete the teachable and whether you pass your final assessment on the first attempt.
  • Do I need anything specific to become a travel agent?
    We have built a comprehensive training program for brand-new agents that have never booked travel before, and it's completely free. Agents must complete this training and schedule a one-on-one session with one of our trainers. All of this is free of charge, with one requirement: that you stay with our agency for one year. You can expect the training to take 12-16 hours, three-fourths of which are self-guided. From a practical standpoint, you will need a solid computer (preferably with multiple screens), a smartphone, and a current job that allows you to interrupt your day to handle issues for traveling clients. This is a 24/7/365 career. While you will not be working all of the time, clients need to be able to reach you if they experience an emergency while on a trip.
  • What's in the Free Online LuxRally Travel Agent Training Curriculum?
    Our self-directed curriculum includes but is not limited to: ​ What is a Travel Agent? Tenets of Sales How to use a Consortium Hotel Benefits Programs Introduction to Vendors How to Use GDS How to Make Leisure Bookings How to Make Group Bookings Travel Agent Rewards Programs Everything You Need to Know About Planning and Booking Cruises How to Use the LuxRally Concierge​ Ancillary Services (Car Services, Tours, Event Tickets, and More) Travel Agent Accounting and Finance The curriculum ends with a concluding assessment, and opportunities for continued learning are offered post-graduation.
  • What is the difference between a travel agent and a travel advisor?
    There is no real difference; however, travel advisor is often the preferred term for those in the luxury sector.
  • Do I need to get my own leads?
    The short answer is that you will be responsible for getting your own leads and must cultivate a stable source of clients to earn six or seven figures as a Luxury Travel Agent. That being said, we do have a leads program relaunching in Q2 2024. To participate in the leads program, you must complete an additional sales training module administered by our VP of Sales and maintain solid closing rates. The leads and additional training are offered to our agents at no cost. However, commissions made off of LuxRally supplied leads fall under a different commission split. We encourage new agents to try the leads program; it is a great way to practice making bookings after completing the training. For those looking to make six or seven figures, we suggest not using the leads program as a sole source of clients long term but using it as a supplementary income stream and hands-on learning opportunity.
  • Do I need to make my own travel brand to be successful?
    No, it is not a requirement for success. You can use the LuxRally Travel brand to market yourself as an agent. After graduation from our training program and completion of our orientation, you will receive the following: An Email A Landing Page (Agent Profile) on Our Website Access to Branded Templates for Business Cards, Flyers, and Other Promotional Materials Additionally, once you are officially a LuxRally Travel Agent, you will have access to our marketing team to help you create promotional branded materials. Sponsoring an event and need signage? Need help with a social media post? Our team has your back. Now, creating a brand might make sense if you plan on getting leads through SEO or paid ads that require landing pages. However, for most people, creating an independent travel brand is not necessary. Your name will be the brand you will want to focus on. When someone thinks about you i.e., "David Eisen", you want them to automatically think about travel. After completing our training, if you are still determining which path is right for you, we suggest scheduling a one-on-one session with our CMO to evaluate what would be most beneficial to growing a healthy client base. Some agents use social media and personal networks, while others use branded websites and more traditional marketing tactics. It all depends on your situation, networks and background. A simple example would be if your background is in digital marketing. If you have experience in SEO, we would never discourage you from having your own site. We don't make money until you do, so we always provide feedback based on what we think will be practical for ramping up your business. Whatever you choose to do, know that we support both approaches and will provide candid feedback after learning more about your goals.
  • What can I earn commission on?
    Hotel Stays (including groups) Cruises Flights (select flights, not all flights pay commission, you will learn about this in our agent training) Tours Car Service Travel Insurance Rental Cars Private Villas Private Jets Luxury Trains
  • How do I get Paid?
    We offer a commission split based on your received commissions from your client's bookings. It is one of the best commission splits in the industry, starting at 80%/20% in your favor, meaning you keep 80% of what you make. After your first $100,000 in commissions, your split increases to 90%/10%, meaning you keep 90% of what you make. The commission resets each year back to 80%. The most productive LuxRally travel advisors can make over one million dollars in annual commissions.
  • Will I be a fully licensed travel agent after completing the LuxRally Travel Agent Training Program?
    Yes, after completing our training and orientation, you will be fully licensed under our host agency with all IATA and Seller of Travel licenses required.
  • What is the LuxRally Travel Agent Portal?
    Our agent portal shaves hundreds of hours a year off of booking trips, managing clients, collecting commissions, and more. Announcing the new agent portal from LuxRally Travel, Launching Septemeber 2023. Sorry, existing travel agents, we only hire new agents, so it is unfortunately too late for you to switch host agencies. For those still looking for their first host agency, however, we invite you to take advantage of the most advanced agent portal on the market. Our portal is built in-house from the ground up, with no reskinning of third parties, allowing our platform to be perfectly seamless. One Portal to Rule Them All Our comprehensive portal is the one-stop shop for creating clients, making bookings, overseeing your accounting, and more. Instead of getting lost across dozens of systems, our agent portal centralizes all the essential tools you need to be a successful travel agent. These Features include: A Dashboard with Key Statistics About Your Performance, Top Clients, and Top Vendors A Booking Dashboard Where You Can Quickly Make Bookings Directly in the Portal (Launching January 2024) Quick Invoicing to Efficiently Complete All Accounting Work Associated With Your Booking Agent Analytics to Take a Deeper Dive Into Your Performance Over Time A CRM to Manage All of Your Client Information in One Place An Accounting Portal to Manage Invoices and commissions and Begin Collections From Vendors For Unpaid Commissions Direct Access to the LuxRally Travel Knowledge Base to Quickly Find Educational Resources Direct Access to Our "Schedule a 1:1" Feature to Easily Get in Touch With LuxRally Travel Staff When Your Need In-Depth Support in Sales or Marketing You could be up and running as a travel agent by mastering this single portal. Our free agent training program will, of course, teach you about all of the tools available to travel agents. However, you can use our convenient and efficient portal to expedite your career in the travel industry. AI and Automation to Speed Up Your Processes If you are new to this industry, you are likely unaware of the tedious work that traditional host agencies require of their agents. Many small tasks eat away at your time, from matching commissions to sending collections notices. We want our agents to make money, not hone in on their skills as administrative clerks, so we have found ways to expedite processes for our team. #1 Managing Your Client Information Create, store, and organize clients in our agent portal with valuable features like credit card authorization automation. Instead of creating a client and then using a third party like CeloPay to collect credit card information, our process allows you to check a box to request the information directly from the client without leaving our portal. Our system will automatically email the client with a link to a secure form where they can safely submit their credit card information. This information will then be securely stored and tied to their account. #2 Getting Paid Faster Quick invoicing, commission matching, and automated collections emails are just a few tools we've developed to help you get paid fast. Instead of manually sifting through unmatched commission reports, sometimes sent out as complicated PDFs by host agencies, we match all received commissions for our agents. Our commission matching process saves our agents 2-4 hours each month. Sometimes, vendors need to be prompted to pay commissions. Unpaid commissions are usually due to some disorganization on the vendor's end. Collecting unpaid commissions from travel vendors is the agent's responsibility. Our system expedites this process with just a few clicks. Find the past due commission and trigger the automated email series to deliver collection notices. These emails will automatically include required documentation, such as the W9 and invoice, and personalize the content to reflect your information and appropriately address the vendor. The most significant innovation in these automated collections emails is that vendors can pay their past-due commissions directly through a payment link embedded in the email. #3 Real-Time Stats to Track Your Progress Our system offers agent analytics that visually displays critical stats. Most agents must work with clunky reporting systems or even manual reports derived from massive Excel files. Our dashboard gives you a quick overview of your stats compared to the previous thirty days, and our agent analytics section offers agents an even more granular view of their performance. Quick Stats Include: Commissions Revenue Number of Bookings Total Active Clients Average Number of Nights Per Booking Average Nightly Rate Total Number of Nights Sold Yield And Much More! #4 Chat GPT Infused Text Editors All of the text editors in our portal, including manual client communication options, have Chat GPT built right in. Need to send an email out quickly? Utilize AI to help you with the first draft without ever leaving the portal. This functionality will be expanded further for an even more seamless experience between agents, clients, and AI. As AI begins to infuse itself into the travel industry, we know that being on the bleeding edge of tech is necessary to survive industry-shaping innovations. We intend not only to survive but thrive and disrupt. Quick Innovation Our development is in-house, meaning we can quickly respond to agent feedback and nimbly optimize our portal further. We are not a start-up with a tedious board and investors weighing in on our every move. We are self-funded and fast at making decisions. If an agent has an idea that could benefit the entire company, we value this feedback and act with a sense of urgency. Many groundbreaking features are on the roadmap and will be launched over the next six months. We are confident we will be the de facto top host agency for tech-infused solutions.
  • What happens after training is over?
    After training, you become a fully licensed travel agent, ready to sell. We provide access to a superabundance of resources to ensure that all new agents feel welcomed and confident. ​ The LuxRally Group Chat: Our group chat is a go-to for most agents seeking hotel recommendations, assistance with booking tools and third parties, advice on utilizing benefits programs, and general guidance for anything that may come up. LuxRally Agents sign agreements stating they cannot poach each other's clients, allowing our agents to confidently ask for assistance without fear of giving up a promising lead. ​ Continued Mentorship: One-on-One sessions with our VP of Sales and trainers are always available to our agents. Whether you need a refresher on using a booking tool or lead generation advice, you will have access to a solid mentor. ​ Bi-Weekly Ask Me Anything (AMA) Sessions with David Eisen: David Eisen is not only the founder of LuxRally Travel but is believed to be the highest-grossing single travel agent in the world. Our agents can casually ask David anything travel related on bi-weekly video calls. ​ Weekly Vendor Chats: Each week, a vendor is invited to a companywide weekly video conference to present educational materials and lead a Q&A. From General Managers of Forbes Five-Star hotels to Mega Yacht experts, our agents have access to continued education directly from industry professionals.
  • What if I fail?
    Follow our training, and, likely, you won't. However, in the rare case you do, you will owe us nothing. Before parting ways, we will remove you from our website, group chats, and other internal resources. While a tiny percentage of our agents who complete training drop out of the program, we understand that selling travel is not for everyone.
  • Why should I choose LuxRally Travel as my host agency?
    We can confidently say we offer more to our agents than any other host agency with the following: Free, Comprehensive Travel Agent Training We Cover Licensing and Insurance for Our Agents We Do Not Charge Our Agents Any Subscription or Membership Fees to be a Part of Our Host Agency Weekly Group Classes One-on-One Sessions Available to All Agents, Even After Training, With Sales and Marketing Teams Competitive Commission Splits (80%/20% vs. 70%/30%), Meaning You Make More Money The Most Advanced Agent Portal on the Market Mentorship From the Highest-grossing Travel Agent in the World Modern Best Practices That Generate Revenue and Maximize Client Satisfaction A Culture of Camaraderie An In-House Team Negotiating Deals for our Agency Directly With Vendors A Comprehensive Knowledge Base Annual Sales Symposiums for In-Person Training and Networking Most importantly, we only make money once you do. We are vested in your success and will do everything possible to give you the best shot in this industry. These are just a few reasons why starting your career as a travel agent with LuxRally Travel is the best move. Lastly, we do not hire people who are already agents, so you will miss out if you ramp up with another host. Our methods are directly opposed to the fee-saturated "best practices" of archaic host agencies, and we've found it takes an immense amount of energy to break the bad habits of existing agents. So, what are you waiting for? Apply to our free travel agent training program today and start your career as a travel agent with the world's most innovative host travel agency.
  • What are the requirements to remain an agent with LuxRally Travel?
    To maintain your status as an agent with LuxRally Travel, you must meet the following requirements throughout the duration of your time with us: Email Communication: Agents must regularly log into their LuxRally Travel email address. If they have not logged in within 30 days or use an alternate email address for communications, this could affect their standing. Sales Performance: Agents must make at least one sale every 90 days. This can be any sale as long as it is not personal travel (booked by the agent for their own travel). Availability: It's important that agents have ample availability for clients. Limited availability may impact their ability to serve clients effectively. Equipment: Agents need access to a reliable computer to run their travel business. Without this, they may struggle to manage their work efficiently. Community Participation: Being part of the official LuxRally Travel Agent Facebook chat(s) or group(s) is a requirement. This helps agents stay connected and updated with the latest information. These are private channels for agency-related information and support. Revenue Generation: Our agents must sell $30,000 in revenue per year. By meeting these requirements, agents can ensure they maintain their status with LuxRally Travel. Agents who do not meet these requirements are cut from our agency. If you have additional questions regarding this list of requirements, we encourage you to ask them during your interview after applying to our program.
  • Ready for the next steps?
    After apply for our training program, you will receive an email with our welcome kit and a link to schedule your interview or a denial from our program within 24 hours of submitting your application. The purpose of this call is to become acquainted with one another and ensure that LuxRally, as a host agency, and you, as the agent, will be a good fit. After the fifteen-minute call, if both parties decide to move forward, you will be given access to an online curriculum with deep dives into everything from booking tools to sales strategies, quizzes, and other resources. Training takes 12-16 hours on average, with some graduating within a few days and others completing the course over a few weeks.

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