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An Elite Group of Travel Experts


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Founder, Global Travel Advisor


Our founder, David Eisen, handles all VIP negotiations and bookings for ultra-high-net-worth clients. A veteran of exotic car rallies and a cigar enthusiast, David has built a network of decadence. Personal relationships with the managers of Forbes five-star hotels, Michelin-star restaurants, and other heavy hitters in the hospitality industry allow David to set, meet and exceed his clients' expectations. David is one of the top travel agents in the world. David currently resides in Miami with his wife, Courtney.


VP of Business Development


Markus Laahanen is a citizen of the world who has dedicated his career in hospitality to improving the service and dining experience, from becoming a sommelier to acting as a General Manager of luxury hotels. He has worked in Spain, the US, the Maldives, Portugal, and Mexico, setting up restaurants, opening award-winning hotels, introducing world-class service standards, and creating innovative hotel concepts. Throughout this journey, he has blended his passions for fine wines, local produce, and sustainably harvested ingredients with five-star service standards to create enticing retreats for the world's most discerning travelers. Markus has joined the LuxRally Travel team as a VIP Concierge. Knowing over nine languages and having lived on nearly every continent, Markus typically accommodates VIP clients visiting international destinations.


VIP Concierge


Alexander has over 15 years of experience in all facets of hospitality management. For the past ten years, Alexander served in all levels of management at the 5-Star Mandarin Oriental in Washington, D.C..  During his tenure, he provided first-class service to World leaders, A-list celebrities, Executives of Fortune 500 companies, and more. Alexander has a proven track record of attracting and retaining prestigious clientele. His impeccable attention to detail provides an exceptional experience to his clients, and this attention to detail will be available to LuxRally Travel clients. Alex's services are also available, for a fee, when not traveling with LuxRally Travel.  Alex has assisted hotels in receiving the coveted Forbes 5-Star Rating, and AAA 5-Diamond Rating. Alexander currently resides in Washington D.C.


VP of Sales


Having trained directly under our founder for nearly six years, David Doyle is an expert in luxury service, and hospitality, and has experienced premier properties around the world first-hand. He has a deep understanding of what truly makes the best of the best in the world of travel. David has worked on the sales side of the agency for a number of years, and now David oversees the training of new travel advisors and spearheads new growth initiatives for the agency. He is personally responsible for the development of our Global Travel Advisor programs. David currently resides in Miami.


Global Travel Advisor


Nick owned the largest privately-owned printing company in the world, but sold his company and left that life behind when he met the LuxRally team on one of their famous exotic car rallies.  His skills of sales, marketing, and management help to provide the LuxRally team an unrivaled level of client satisfaction. Nick is a classic car collector and enthusiast as well as an accomplished big game hunter. He currently resides in Louisville, KY with his Fiancé Tiffany, and his hunting dog, Haida.

Learn more about Nick at


Global Travel Advisor


Scott is new to the travel world, but has a passion for researching and experiencing new places. With over 20 years in sales and management, Scott provides excellent customer service skills and makes his clients’ needs a top priority. He lives just north of Boston, MA with his wife and two sons.


Global Travel Advisor


Greg is new to the travel agent world but he is no beginner to travelling. He has been to 32 countries and has visited 48 states. He has seen everything from the shack hostel to the 5-star hotels across the globe. You can trust him to build you the perfect trip. Greg is located in Charleston, SC with his girlfriend and dog. 


Global Travel Advisor


With a background in finance and accounting, Zeke offers exceptional attention to detail for his clients. From provisioning luxury yacht charters, to using his extensive international travel experience to plan the perfect adventure, Zeke creates an infrastructure for stress free, luxury travel. Zeke currently resides in Miami.


Global Travel Advisor


Dimitri has been a travel advisor for more than 7 years. With background in the airline and luxury hospitality industries, he knows the ins and outs of high end world travel. Having traveled across the world from the deserts of the Middle East to the jungles of Indonesia, he has experienced some of the best hotels in the world. Whether it's a romantic getaway, a family adventure, or a luxury escape, he is committed to ensuring that his clients have a memorable trip. Let Dimitri handle the details and help you create memories that will last a lifetime!

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Global Travel Advisor


Deahne curates travel itineraries for high performance individuals who want efficient service with value for money in mind.  After moving from her home country of Australia to the USA, her career was focused in Business Development until her heart led her to transition to a career in travel. She has received mentorship from award-winning concierge agencies, global agencies, and stays up to date with on-going training, as well as her own personal global travel experience, so that you can trust that you're in the hands of a travel industry expert. Leveraging LuxRally Travel’s industry partnerships, Deahne focuses on elevating her clients’ travel experiences, leaving them with the time to focus on what matters - connecting with each other, and the world.


Global Travel Advisor


Cindy has been a Virtual Personal Assistant for 15+ years working closely with many HNW individuals both inside and outside of the professional athlete world. She has assisted in creating incredible travel memories for both the athlete as well as for their families and others looking for a large group gathering taking place over extended days and throughout multiple cities. Besides assisting with travel, she has also been many people’s go to for keeping their calendars & work engagements organized and has been the liaison between home owners, staff and vendors.  Cindy currently resides in Boston, MA.


Global Travel Advisor


From a young age, Alec traveled the world and almost every corner of the US as part of an international sales team for a nine-figure manufacturing company. Getting paid to go to so many places at a business level opened his eyes to the exciting world that is luxury travel. Alec has spent ten years in the hospitality business, most recently as a Bar & Nightclub Manager and VIP host, arranging VIP and Bottle Service experiences for athletes, celebrities, and socialites. Altogether, his experience of serving high net worth clients and managing travel arrangements for himself and a team of six people at the corporate level lends itself well to this industry. He is very excited to be part of the LuxRally Family.


Global Travel Advisor


Having discovered LuxRally Travel over a year and half ago, Brandon has kept tabs on the brand and, finally, decided to become part of the team. Brandon joins us from the Midwest, currently residing in Wisconsin. He has done his fair share of luxury vacations and loves to “plan” a trip. From reservations in desirable restaurants to nightlife recommendations, Brandon has insights into cities around the world. Brandon loves to make sure time is well spent on a vacation, and the easiest way to make that happen is to have us handle it for you. 


Global Travel Advisor


Kyle began traveling internationally at the age of twelve. This trend continued into adulthood as he has now explored nearly every continent. Kyle’s high level of emotional intelligence has allowed him to navigate a range of atmospheres, giving him deep insight into many regions of the world. From Muay Thai in Thailand to running import/export businesses in Saudi Arabia and Colombia, Kyle has not only traveled extensively, but developed relationships in many travel destinations. Photography, kickboxing, and exotic cars are just a few of his passions, in fact, he met David Eisen on an exotic car rally and, keeping in touch, eventually decided to join the LuxRally Travel team. Both parties agreed that his extensive knowledge in international travel and luxury goods make him a great resource to clients. Kyle currently splits his time between Richmond, VA and Washington D.C.


Global Travel Advisors


Coming from the great Pacific Northwest, meet the dynamic duo Bao and Rosemary Phung. Bao and Rosemary enjoy spending time with their three children in outdoor adventures and in seeking the sunshine that other destinations have to offer. Bao and Rosemary have a combined 20+ years of experience  in customer service, sales, and marketing skills. This dynamic duo has the creative energy, travel experience and balance to create your next dream adventure.


Global Travel Advisor


While Igor is new to the travel world, he is well-versed providing next-level care. He has built a competency in service over 12 years of working at high end restaurants and selling luxury vehicles. He takes pride in making genuine connections with his clients and catering to their requests. Igor currently resides outside of Boston and specializes in Cancun experiences .


Global Travel Advisor


Though Madeline is new to the travel agent world, she is no stranger to traveling and experiencing new things. At 26 years old, her seven plus years experience of owning two businesses have given her plenty of customer service and sales experience. She is passionate about exploring new places and wants to encourage and help others do the same through LuxRally Travel. Madeline’s love for organization, research and planning give her the perfect skill set to plan her client’s the perfect trip with no stress or worry on their end.


Global Travel Advisor


Growing up in a very small town in the Midwest, Alex began traveling frequently with his family at a very young age. The family trips evolved into a passion for traveling and seeing the world. With a background in management and sales, he will be sure to find his clientele the best available option that fits their budget! After joining the LuxRally Travel team, Alex has utilized his experience and passion for travel to assist his clients and make their trip seamless and unforgettable. Alex lives in Minnesota.


Global Travel Advisor


Peter's hard work, determination, and personableness have allowed him to provide the best client satisfaction and experience possible. With several years of experience procuring exclusive and high-demand items for his clients, Peter is the go-to person when you need or want something that may seem impossible.  He also runs an import automotive parts import service for classic Japanese vehicles.

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Global Travel Advisor


Erik has an extensive history in marketing, customer service and business development. With a wealth of experience in the automotive, hospitality and real estate industries, Erik is able to provide top-tier service as a global travel advisor, with personal contacts on nearly every continent on earth. He provides unique and memorable experiences and unparalleled retreats to anywhere in the world.


Erik enjoys filmmaking and restoring modern classic automobiles. He currently resides in Grand Rapids, MI with his wife and family.


Global Travel Advisor


Phil is a fifteen year veteran EMT who joined the LuxRally Travel team to take his passion for traveling and service to the next level. His ability to connect with those looking for seamless travel and unforgettable memories has forged a strong network of eager and devoted clients. Phil is dedicated to the self-starter hustle of building an agency; following a pursuit since childhood to travel the world. Phil and his family are avid cruisers, and he lives with his wife and three daughters in New Jersey. 


Global Travel Advisor


Dallas has always loved the finer and more luxurious things in life. From the world's best restaurants to being relaxed on the beach, he always wants the best of the best! Dallas is able to cater meticulously to needs of high-end clients because he pursues similar experiences—whether it’s exotic cars, destinations, or fine dining. Dallas was previously a professional chef and has extensive sales experience. He has lived all across the country from Michigan to Colorado and North Carolina. He now resides in in Austin, TX. 

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Global Travel Advisor


A prolific collector of passport stamps herself, Kimberly Roberts understands her clients’ thrill of discovering new locations and experiences.  With 20+ years in project management, the little details that takes travel from ‘ho hum’ to epic are second nature to her.  In her career, she was indoctrinated in the service excellence ethos of both Disney and Nordstrom, so getting the ‘un-gettable get’ for her clients has become her high!  Kimberly truly has a passion for living life outside the lines.  In her own life, she has qualified for the Jr Olympics, held an elected office at 16, went from fair queen to GI soldier, drove a CASCAR and an IndyLite car, and owned a tailgate experience company. Kimberly is living her dream life with her husband Walid in Giza, Egypt.

You can learn more about Kimberly at


Global Travel Advisor


Destin has a passion for making unforgettable experiences for others. He has an attention to detail and structure from a strong engineering background, as well as eight years in sales and customer satisfaction. Destin is a people person through and through and cares about a client’s wants and needs. He currently lives in Greensboro, NC with his wife and dog.


Global Travel Advisor


Emily has been in the service industry for over five years, working as a bartender and a hotel desk agent. She caught the travel bug in her youth when her parents took their kids all across the US and overseas. Emily lived in Florence, Italy for a few months and is very familiar with the European travel market. While new to sales, she has a knack for adventure and an urgency to ensure all details are meticulously planned. If you're thinking of traveling, but don't want to think about traveling, Emily's got you covered!


Global Travel Advisor


Lori is a professional with over 20 years in management and customer-service experience.  Her love of travel led her to LuxRally Travel where she is able to combine her passion and experience to help others plan the perfect vacation.  Whether a dream family getaway, a once in a lifetime experience, or assisting with every day personal or business travel needs, Lori dedication's to providing the highest level of customer service will ensure your needs and satisfaction are met to the highest standard!  Lori currently resides in New York with her husband and daughter.  


Global Travel Advisor


Steven joins the LuxRally Travel team as a heavily seasoned traveler. He brings a breadth of knowledge for traveling, along with his attention to detail and top-notch service, that will ensure that even the simplest of trips turn into life long memories. Steven currently resides in Texas.


Global Travel Advisor


Spencer has been involved in the service industry since the day he was born. Being brought up in his family’s business instilled in him the value of creating long lasting relationships.  Having owned and operated several of his own businesses before the age of 25, Spencer has a passion for going above and beyond for all of his clients. He loves all things cars, real estate, and travel, and is always eager to learn. He currently resides in Virginia.

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Global Travel Advisor


Heading an IT contracting firm for seventeen years means Derek is no stranger to the attention to detail required for high touch travel arrangements. He is focused on pivoting his many years of planning getaways and vacations into a new business venture with the agency. Derek resides in South Dakota.


Global Travel Advisor


Evan is a fresh face in the sales world with a life of experience in and around the luxury market segment.  His passion and experience traveling around the world makes him a valuable asset to anyone looking to travel.  Evan does everything he can to cater to his client's needs with attention to detail, top-tier customer service, and extensive knowledge of luxury goods and experiences.  Evan seeks to create a personal connection with his clients and create a unique experience for every traveler.  Evan currently resides on the north shore of Long Island. 

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