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Alila Hotels

Alila Hotels and Resorts, founded in May 2001 by Indonesian entrepreneur Franky Tjahyadikarta, banker Mark Edleson, and hotelier Frederic Simon, is a brand that encapsulates the essence of "surprise" from its Sanskrit origin. The brand was birthed during a management takeover of two Bali hotels, marking the beginning of Alila with its first hotel in Jakarta. In 2004, the headquarters moved to Singapore, and a decade later, Alila entered into a strategic alliance with Commune Hotels. This partnership led to Commune acquiring a majority stake in Alila. By 2016, Alila was incorporated into Two Roads Hospitality, a new holding company, and later joined Hyatt in November 2018 following Hyatt's acquisition of Two Roads Hospitality.

Alila Hotels

Clients of LuxRally Travel enjoy all of these benefits at no additional cost. There are no membership, sign-up, or service fees, ever.

LuxRally Travel Benefits:
  • Breakfast for two daily

  • Room upgrade upon arrival, when available

  • $100 credit per stay for use in spas or restaurants

  • Early check-in, when available

  • Complimentary Wi-Fi in room

  • Late check-out, when available

  • Welcome Amenity

  • VIP Service

A Closer Look

Alila Hotels offers a unique blend of sustainability, cultural respect, and deep connections, creating an experience that inspires awe and introspection. Alila invites you to immerse yourself in the beauty of discovery, offering rare, intimate encounters with unknown destinations and cultures. These experiences not only transport you but also root you in the present moment, reminding you of the joy of existence.

Alila's ethos extends beyond its properties, contributing to local communities and providing privileged access to the most unique experiences of each destination. The Alila experience is marked by authentic interactions, where every staff member serves as a storyteller, enriching your stay with their knowledge of local culture. These interactions are sincere and genuine, fostering deep connections and transforming ordinary moments into unforgettable memories.

Sustainability is a cornerstone of Alila's operations, with a focus on enhancing rather than impacting the environment and strengthening guests' bond with nature. This conscious approach to living is reflected in innovative sustainable practices, such as zero-waste landfills and energy-efficient architecture, underlining Alila's commitment to a better future.

Alila aims to instill profound change in its guests by promoting a sense of ease and belonging in new places. It encourages you to connect with yourself and the world around you, broadening your horizons through wellness initiatives that extend beyond the individual. This transformational journey is filled with grounded moments, enriching exchanges, and beautiful discoveries, all wrapped within the protective embrace of Alila's values.

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