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What do Hyper Car Owners Ask For At 5 Star Hotels?

Want to know the real reason to use a LuxRally Travel Agent? We solve problems. You life will be infinitely easier while traveling when you have a LuxRally Agent on text. Our founder, David Eisen, was interviewed by long time friend and client Ed Bolian about odd requests from our most eccentric travelers in the hyper car community.

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LuxRally Travel vs. Booking Websites

Think you get the best price when booking through Expedia or Priceline? Think again. Those websites only display the inventory and pricing of one wholesaler. Our agents have access to those same rates and various other wholesalers meaning we have better pricing on a larger selection. Besides better pricing, we have benefits like free breakfast, free upgrades (upon availability), $100 resort credits (for hotels) or onboard credits (for cruises) on tens of thousands of properties world-wide. Lastly, skip the chat bot and call center. You can text your dedicated agent at any time for anything.

But won't we be slower than Expedia? No. Once you are set up in our system booking can be as easy as shooting your agent a text message.

LuxRally Travel vs. Credit Card Companies

Like American Express because of the benefits? We have the same benefits but on more properties. Also, similar to booking websites, credit card companies reflects the inventory and pricing of a single source. Our agents shop all options available, from wholesalers to direct brand portals, meaning we beat the pricing of credit card companies easily and often by a huge margin. Lastly, our service is far superior to that of credit card companies. No call-centers, getting passed from person to person or needing to start from scratch with each trip. As our client you will have the personal cell phone number of your dedicated industry insider to handle everything for every trip.

LuxRally Travel vs. Other Travel Agencies

Most travel agencies set office hours, charge fees and/or a membership, have preferred suppliers (meaning they don't cross-shop all available options) and prioritize things like free trips (FAMs) over their client's best interests. We are available 24/7/365, will never charge you fees, will shop all available options to ensure you get the best price versus sending you to our "preferred" vendors and, will never put a client at second priority to woo a vendor. Our loyalty lies with out customer, not to our own desire for free trips or to a vendor we feel we need to impress.

LuxRally Travel vs. Personal Assistants and Family Offices

We work closely with assistants and family offices. We do not compete with your existing personal staff; instead, we save them time, lend expertise, and elevate your travel experiences. While your assistant may be perfectly capable of booking your suite directly with the hotel, they will have less leverage to negotiate on your behalf. We have the contacts, tools, and experience to understand how much to ask for and when. This creates an optimized investment of your travel dollars, removes the stress and headache from your team, and ensures a seamless trip from top to bottom. Our services are free, so it is, in the end, a serious win-win.

Agent Training and Standards

Our training is daunting. Agents must complete between 40-80 hours of self-guided materials and complete a rigorous practical exam before joining our ranks. Most travel agent training requires minimal engagement and students are guaranteed to pass. Ours is the opposite. Our training system is designed to weed out those who are not serious about this career path. If an agent slacks in any way during our program, they will be cut. After graduation, our agents are still not out of the woods. They are held to high standards and can be cut due to poor performance. Most agencies are pay to play, as long as you pay your host, you can remain active. Ours is completely free to our agents, we even cover errors and omissions and licensing costs, however, we also reserve the right to prune poor performers from our team. The agents who do make it through, however, become part of a collaborative family. We are an elite team of travel agents who are constantly teaching, helping and growing with each other.

Become a Client, the Ultimate Upgrade

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