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Noble House Hotels

Noble House Resorts, each one unique and thoughtfully crafted, are the epitome of distinction for LuxRally Travel. What truly binds these exceptional properties together isn't just their architectural appeal or the features they offer, but rather, it's the vibrant local culture and the dedicated people that breathe life into Noble House Hotels & Resorts. While the physical allure of each resort is undoubtedly enchanting, it's the personalized guest experience, brought to life by our fervent front-line staff under the guidance of the proficient Noble House corporate team, that completes the picture.

Noble House Hotels

Clients of LuxRally Travel enjoy all of these benefits at no additional cost. There are no membership, sign-up, or service fees, ever.

  • Breakfast for two daily

  • Room upgrade upon arrival, when available

  • $100 credit per stay for use in spas or restaurants

  • Early check-in, when available

  • Complimentary Wi-Fi in room

  • Late check-out, when available

  • Welcome Amenity

  • VIP Service

A Closer Look

Noble House Hotels & Resorts regards the natural environment as an integral stakeholder. They not only mirror the essence and design of their surroundings in their properties but also strive to protect and sustain it. Each location is dedicated to implementing fundamental and innovative practices aimed at waste elimination and supporting a sustainable future.

Noble House Hotels & Resorts also takes immense pride in aiding and assisting its community. The corporate team regularly collaborates with local partners, donating and volunteering to support various non-profit organizations. On a property-wide scale, members of the Noble family constantly seek to improve their communities by offering their time, space, and services.

The ongoing goal of Noble House Hotels & Resorts is to address issues that affect us all. They work in conjunction with several organizations committed to activities such as reef restoration, waste reduction, plastic usage reduction, ocean preservation, water conservation, and park restoration.

Noble Nature, the signature conservancy program of Noble House Hotels & Resorts, offers guests the option to choose whether they want daily room service. When guests opt-out of daily servicing, it helps conserve water, reduce chemical exposure from cleaning agents, and lessen energy usage.

In addition, Noble House Hotels & Resorts hosts a series of exclusive events under the banner of 'Noble Presents'. These events range from live music performances to book launches, culinary celebrations, and art installations, providing guests with insider access to unique local gatherings. A past event, 'Rock the Dock', hosted at The Edgewater Hotel in Seattle, WA, featured a local band performing on a barge anchored in Elliott Bay, offering guests a truly unique concert experience.

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