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Why Our Luxury Miami travel agency is disrupting the market

based in Miami, connected around the world

Our founder, VIP concierge, head of training, and many of our agents are based in Miami. Living in Miami, we know that knowing people is the name of the game. We are connected with General Managers and other executives worldwide in five-star hotels and Michelin-starred restaurants. Our clients are taken care of first. Establishments know us as a source of big spenders, so when a LuxRally client steps through the door, they become the priority.

No fees, five-star service

Why do we claim to be disrupting the industry? We don't adhere to the inefficient, poor service standards espoused by other travel agencies. Most agencies pair fees with bureaucracy, creating an expensive and exhausting process. We charge zero and offer a premium level of service. Our in-house concierge teams understand what Forbes Five Star service entails. From billionaires and celebrities to thriving young entrepreneurs and families LuxRally is attracting a savvy and wealthy client base for a reason. 

Luxury is our world, not a job.

At LuxRally, we often have the manager's direct cellphone number. This makes a massive difference, mainly when we must service a last-minute request or handle an emergency. Instead of waiting on hold to speak with an entry-level customer service representative who will call a vendor's business line and talk with another entry-level staff member, our clients, or their staff, phone or text their LuxRally Travel agent, who then calls or texts the right manager on location.

Convenience is a core value.

We were born from curating trips for exotic car owners, which gave us an appreciation for speed and precision. We want to communicate with our clients in whichever way they find most convenient. Whether that be Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, texting, email, or phone calls, our clients have our cell phone numbers and know that booking their next trip is as easy as sending a text. We can take over the logistics of your trip from A to Z. For example, if you want car transportation, spa appointments, reservations, and tours with Ph.D.-level guides, we will make all the arrangements. Should something go wrong with your flight or hotel, your travel agent will handle it. If you book through us, you and your staff will never face an inefficient queue again. As you build a relationship with your agent, your agent will better anticipate your needs and preferences, creating a seamless alchemy of desire to reality.

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