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How to Sell Yourself as a Travel Agent

By Courtney Eisen

March 11, 2023

Are you wondering how to effectively sell yourself to potential travel clients once you become a travel agent? In this article, we will discuss the key points you can communicate to your prospective clients in order to gain their business. Understanding your value proposition is critical for increasing your success in the travel industry.

Here are six things you should be telling your clients:

"You Will Save Money"

One of the biggest advantages of using a travel agent, especially a LuxRally Travel agent, is the money-saving opportunities they provide. Whether you're spending $500 a night or $50,000 a night, your travel agent will ensure you get the most value for your trip. They have the expertise and connections to secure the best possible rates for you. For example, when booking a penthouse, negotiating directly with the hotel may not yield much progress. However, when a travel agent represents you, the hotel takes the request seriously. They recognize that travel agents understand the industry and are more willing to accommodate their clients' needs.

"You Will Save Time"

In addition to saving money, your travel agent will save you precious time by handling all the logistics of your trip. All you need to do is provide them with information about where you want to go, who you're traveling with, and your budget. Once your travel agent gets to know your desires and expectations, they can quickly match you to the perfect property. Of course, if you still prefer to choose your own accommodation, your travel agent can provide a host of bonuses and benefits exclusive to booking through them. 

"You Get More Benefits"

If perks like free upgrades, resort credits for dining or spa treatments, and early/late check-in and checkouts sound appealing to you, then booking with a travel agent is the way to go. Travel agents are incentivized by hotel brands through benefits programs. These programs, such as Rosewood Elite, enhance the value proposition for agents. But why do hotels want agents to send them clients? The answer lies in the fact that travel agents excel at setting expectations and solving problems without burdening the hotel staff. By booking through a travel agent like LuxRally Travel, you will be treated better by association, as our agency has a reputation for sending high-quality guests who spend more on additional services.

"Using a Travel Agent is a Three-Way Win"

Hotels appreciate working with travel agents because they understand how to manage expectations and resolve issues efficiently, without overwhelming the already hard-working hotel staff. Instead of arguing with the person at the reception desk, travel agents have direct lines of communication with sales managers or general managers. This streamlined process benefits both the hotel and the client. LuxRally Travel has a reputation for sending high spending guests who, on average, spend more on-property on dining, spa and other activities. When you book through an online travel site, you become just one of millions of price-sensitive customers. However, when you book through a travel agent, you stand out as a more valuable guest. It's a win for you, a win for the hotel, and a win for the travel agent.

"Using a LuxRally Travel Agent is Completely Free"

Using a LuxRally Travel agent is completely free for you as the client. Hotels pay us a commission, similar to what they pay Expedia and other online booking sites. The difference is that these sites charge hotels exorbitant fees to the hotels, often exceeding 20%, for every customer they send. When you book through these sites and encounter issues, you're left waiting on hold or begging the front desk for assistance. Unfortunately, you may not receive the best treatment as you are not considered a profitable guest. However, when you book through a travel agent, the hotel pays a smaller commission percentage, making you a more profitable guest. As a result, the hotel wants to earn your repeat business and provides superior service.

"You Have a Real Person Looking After Your Trip"

When planning your honeymoon or any other trip, having a LuxRally Travel agent by your side ensures that your experience will be exceptional. Traveling for a special occasion? Your travel agent will work behind the scenes with the hotel to pleasantly surprise you however they can. If something goes wrong during your trip, there's no need to wait on hold with someone who has no background information about your travel arrangements. Instead, simply text or call your dedicated agent. Our agents are trained to respond quickly, 24/7/365, ensuring that you receive the assistance you need promptly.


Where/When should I communicate my value propositions?

On social media, during in person interactions with prospective travelers, on your website, anywhere and everywhere you are trying to gain clients.

How would you sum up this value proposition?

When you book through a travel agent you save time and money plus have a real person working behind the scenes to make your trip seamless. No more waiting on hold, being dissapointed by instagram-hyped venues and spending countless hours sifting through the massive amount of fake reviews and misleading content online. Book your trip with an industry insider with personal relationships at hotels around the world and discover why high net worth people are moving over from American Express to LuxRally Travel as their go-to travel ally.

Are there any other value propositions?

Of course, depending on your clients and areas of expertise, you will learn more ways to sell yourself. For example, if you're working with ultra luxury clients, we have an in house concierge that can get reservations in the most desirable venues, plan authentic, seamless tours and set up unique experiences only available to industry insiders.

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