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Tierra Santa Healing House

Nestled within the luxurious Faena Hotel Miami Beach, Tierra Santa Healing House stands as Miami's first South American-influenced spa. This 22,000-square-foot waterfront sanctuary occupies the entire third floor of the hotel, offering direct pool and beach access, outdoor terraces, and breathtaking views of the Atlantic Ocean.

Tierra Santa, translating to "holy land" in Spanish, is designed as a spiritual center for the hotel. It draws inspiration from Alan Faena's picturesque beach house in Punta del Este, a rustic-chic village on the Uruguayan coast.

A Sanctuary of Nature and Art


The spa's décor is colorful yet understated, designed with nature in mind. Upon entering, guests are greeted by a larger-than-life bouquet of roses at the reception desk. The walls display stunning floral murals by artist Juan Gatti, whose work can also be seen throughout the hotel, Faena Miami Beach. Additionally, the spa features paper art installations from Manuel Ameztoy.


One of the main focal points at this Miami spa is a playful, titanic-sized chandelier made of a kaleidoscope of fishing lures. The Tierra Santa experience begins with a journey through the extensive wet spa area, where guests are presented with a sliver of clay-colored Tierra Santa soap cut from a massive block.


Exclusive Treatments and Healing Rituals


Tierra Santa Healing House offers one-of-a-kind spa treatments that combine ancient South American healing rituals, indigenous ingredients, and the latest anti-aging technologies. These treatments include shaman-developed body treatments, beauty services, holistic healing and acupuncture, sound and color therapy, and advanced rejuvenating facials.


The spa's treatments employ its own collection of products, which are drawn from South American healing traditions and ethically sourced from the region. Ingredients such as Amazonian white clay, rainforest muds, and maca are used to provide guests with an authentic and revitalizing experience.


Luxurious Facilities and Services


After the treatment, guests can return to the wet spa for a final cleansing. The ice parlor helps cool down the body post-heat therapies, while the tepidarium offers heated stone beds for relaxation. The herbal steam room provides aromatherapy to promote further detoxing, and the impressive double-height hammam—Miami's largest—is the perfect spot for contemplation and relaxation.


For those looking to get in a workout, the Miami spa boasts a state-of-the-art gym and 1,000-square-foot movement studio, along with daily outdoor fitness classes.


Boutique Shopping and Salon Services


Don't forget to visit the luxury spa's carefully curated boutique, where you can purchase Tierra Santa’s signature lotions and oils to relive the bliss at home. The boutique also offers gifts from South America and Carolina K. dresses.


For beauty and hair services, the Rossano Ferretti Salon at Tierra Santa provides a range of treatments to ensure guests leave feeling pampered and refreshed.


Experience the warmth of South American hospitality and age-old healing traditions at Tierra Santa Healing House, where modern spa technology meets the art of well-being.

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