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LuxRally Travel Launches Leads Program and Booking Portal With 750,000 Hotels

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May 7, 2024

LuxRally Travel is excited to announce the official launch of two groundbreaking platforms: FastTrack and FastBook. These innovative tools are set to revolutionize the travel industry by enhancing the connection between travel agents, influencers, and vendors while streamlining the booking process for clients.

Introducing FastTrack: A Leads Program, Influencer Program, and Analytics Platform Seamlessly Connected

FastTrack is a patent-pending, multifaceted platform designed to serve as a central hub connecting vendors, influencers, and our LuxRally Travel Agents. Accessible through any web-enabled device, FastTrack facilitates seamless interactions and transactions among all parties involved.

During its pilot phase, FastTrack demonstrated remarkable results. Royal Caribbean experienced a 20-fold return on investment, while Travel Influencer Justin Alexander saw his content monetization earnings increase. Our agents benefited from robust closing rates and commission earnings, proving the platform's efficacy. Mr. Alexander, who commands a substantial following exceeding 300,000 across his trio of channels—@TheShipLife, @JtheNomad, and @TheTravelChannel on YouTube—endorsed the initiative, stating, "Over the years I have been sponsored by many a company, especially a lot of travel agencies. I do have to admit that the LuxRally influencer program is by far the best I have seen."

Courtney Eisen at LuxRally Travel’s Content Production Station for FastTrack in Miami, FL

For Agents: FastTrack gamifies our leads program through a unique credit system, rewarding successful deals with additional credits and providing opportunities to earn more through various tasks. Credits are redeemed for leads. If an agent runs our of credits (because they did not close any leads), they can earn credits through various tasks or wait for their quarterly replenishment. Credits cannot be bought by agents. The Credits system is created to ensure agents with solid close rates work the leads and that agents with low closing rates do not take large quantities of leads. Explore our free online travel agent training.

For Influencers: The program allows influencers to earn passive income by receiving a percentage of the commission from bookings made by their followers, complete with transparent tracking of bookings and earnings. This is a win-win for both influencers and their followers. Followers who become LuxRally Travel clients can benefit from our free travel agent services, intense rate shopping (guaranteeing the lowest prices in most cases), optimized service (no more call centers), and maximized benefits (better than special credit card clubs can offer). The more an influencer's followers book, the more perks the influencer can access. Free trips and cash sponsorships are available to top-performing content creators. Learn more about our influencer program.

For Vendors: FastTrack offers unprecedented agency analytics and insights into the use of co-op dollars, ensuring a clear understanding of return on investment and overall performance. Vendors can manage promotions, pledge influencer sponsorships, provide exclusive deals to LuxRally Travel, and view agent and booking statistics, all through a streamlined dashboard. Are you a vendor? Register to gain access to our FastTrack portal.

FastBook: The Ultimate Booking Portal

FastBook, a patent-pending booking portal, is exclusively available to our agents. With access to over 750,000 hotels and seamless integration with Global Distribution Systems (GDS) and wholesalers, FastBook offers a centralized rate comparison tool that is both efficient and user-friendly.

Developed by our founder, David Eisen, FastBook eliminates the frictional steps of manual data entry, allowing agents to complete GDS bookings in as little as sixty seconds. The platform's mobile optimization ensures agents can book accommodations on the go, enhancing operational flexibility.

David Eisen at His Home Office and Coding Station Working on FastBook With His Dog Daisy

A standout feature of FastBook is its sophisticated checkout process, which supports the booking of complex itineraries for multiple clients in a single transaction. The platform boasts robust fraud protection and a secure, encrypted environment for handling sensitive client information.

FastBook is deeply integrated into LuxRally Travel's tech ecosystem, incorporating invoicing, commission tracking, collections, lead management, and a comprehensive CRM system. This allows agents to manage their business from a unified dashboard, offering valuable insights into performance metrics and client preferences.

LuxRally Travel is dedicated to the ongoing development of FastBook, with plans for additional features and integrations. Our in-house development team is committed to addressing technical issues swiftly and incorporating user-requested functionalities. This portal is only available to LuxRally Travel agents is will not be licensed to outside agencies. Want to join our team? Learn about our intense but free travel agent training.

The Net Benefit For Clients

Everything we do at LuxRally Travel is ultimately geared towards enhancing the customer experience. These tools do that and more, as described in detail above. FastBook makes shopping rates and completing bookings a breeze. This increases our ability to save clients both money and time. FastTrack, on the other hand, increases the perks and benefits available to clients as vendors are motivated to create exclusive LuxRally Travel promotions. 

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