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Things to Consider When Launching Your Travel Brand

By Courtney Eisen

July 27, 2023

Are you considering launching your own travel brand under a host travel agency? Many LuxRally Travel agents have their own brands, still affiliated with LuxRally Travel, the host travel agency, but independent and unique to better represent their individual approach to the industry.

It's an exciting venture that can lead to great success. However, before diving in headfirst, there are several important factors to consider. In this article, we will explore the key aspects that will set you up for success and ensure a smooth branding process.

1. Think About the Long Term Life of the Brand

When creating your travel brand, it's crucial to think about its long-term purpose. While you may currently focus on booking cruises and Caribbean trips and want a palm tree in your logo, it's essential to consider expanding your offerings. By positioning yourself as the go-to for all travel needs, you maximize revenue potential. Ensure that your brand is large enough to encompass your long-term communication goals and cater to a diverse client base. Remember a client may book a cruise to the Caribbean today and a trip to Europe tomorrow. Don't pigeon hold yourself into one category with your brand.

2. Keep it Short and Sweet

Choosing the right name for your travel brand can be challenging. However, opting for a short and clean name is more practical and convenient. Consider how your brand will be displayed across various platforms such as social media, websites, domain names, and business cards. A concise name will serve you better in terms of design and recognition.

3. Search the USPTO Database for Trademarks

Before finalizing your brand name, it's crucial to check if it's already trademarked. Conduct a thorough search in the USPTO database for live trademarks related to the travel industry. This step ensures that your chosen name is unique and avoids any legal complications down the line. This may be an inconvenience now, but it will save you from an expensive rebrand later.

4. Find a Good Color Palette

When designing your website and other branded materials, selecting the right color palette is essential. Colors play a significant role in conversion optimization. Opt for bright colors that create aesthetically pleasing contrasts with text. Learn about branding psychology and choose a color palette that consistently represents your brand both online and offline.

5. Develop Your Brand's Tone and Voice

Consider how you want your brand to sound and the impression you want to make on potential clients. Do you want to come across as exclusive or approachable? Confident or humble? Define your brand's tone and voice, which will guide your copywriting efforts on social media, websites, and other platforms. This clarity will simplify the content creation process.

6. Educate Yourself on Marketing

As a new travel brand owner, it's essential to educate yourself on effective marketing strategies. Take advantage of the numerous free and inexpensive resources available online. Learn about SEO, SEM, and social media strategies to maximize your time investment in self-promotion. By learning from what already works, you can shorten your learning curve and achieve better results.

7. Launch Your Brand

When it comes to launching your brand, careful planning is crucial. Consider informing friends and family first, or perhaps do a brand preview on social media. Determine your call to action for the launch and how you will educate potential clients about your value proposition. These considerations will help create a successful and impactful launch.


Launching your own travel brand requires careful thought and consideration. By considering these key factors, such as long-term planning, choosing the right name, checking trademarks, selecting a color palette, defining your brand's tone, educating yourself on marketing, and planning an effective launch, you'll be well on your way to success. Remember, at LuxRally Travel, we offer mentorship and guidance to our agents, leveraging decades of marketing experience to help you navigate this exciting journey.


How important is it to consider the long-term goals of your travel brand?

Considering the long-term goals of your travel brand is crucial for maximizing revenue potential and catering to a diverse client base. It ensures that your brand remains relevant and adaptable as the industry evolves.

Why is it important to choose a short and clean name for your travel brand?

A short and clean name is more practical and convenient, especially when it comes to design and recognition across various platforms. It allows for easier branding and better recall among potential clients.

Why should you educate yourself on marketing as a new travel brand owner?

Educating yourself on marketing strategies is essential to effectively promote your brand and achieve desired results. By learning from established practices and successful case studies, you can save time and resources while maximizing your brand's visibility and reach.

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