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Michelin Star Restaurants in Japan

Last Updated

August 28, 2023

Japan is renowned for its culinary excellence, and one of the highest accolades a restaurant can achieve is a Michelin star. Michelin stars are awarded to establishments that display exceptional skill, creativity, and innovation in their cuisine. With a rich culinary heritage and a keen focus on quality ingredients, it comes as no surprise that Japan boasts numerous Michelin-starred restaurants. From traditional sushi bars to cutting-edge fusion eateries, these culinary destinations offer an unforgettable dining experience that showcases the best of Japanese gastronomy. Whether you're a seasoned food enthusiast or simply looking for a unique gastronomic adventure, exploring Michelin-starred restaurants in Japan is sure to be a journey filled with tantalizing flavors and exquisite dining.


Three Michelin Stars - Japanese

Kohaku is a three Michelin-starred restaurant in Japan that offers an innovative brand of Japanese cuisine. Headed by Koji Koizumi, the chef pushes boundaries by incorporating ingredients from outside the usual culinary concepts. Guests can enjoy unique dishes like fried ayu (sweetfish) in a cream and truffle soup, corn nikogori (jelled broth) with caviar and junsai (watershield), or matsutake mushroom spring rolls. To fully appreciate the culinary creativity, diners can choose to sit at the counter and witness the energy of the young chefs at work. Alternatively, those seated at a table will receive gracious service from a waitress dressed in a kimono.


Three Michelin Stars - French, Contemporary

The elegant dining room, pleasant service, and highly skilled sommeliers are just a few of the features that make L'OSIER one of Japan's world-class restaurants. Founded with the philosophy of "Everything must be rich," this establishment strives to surpass France in its dishes. Olivier Chaignon, the mastermind behind L'OSIER, personally visits production areas to select the finest ingredients, which he then skillfully combines to create beautiful and modern culinary creations. With this commitment to excellence and innovation, we eagerly anticipate his next groundbreaking idea.

Sushi Yoshitake

Three Michelin Stars - Sushi

Sushi Yoshitake is a Three Michelin-starred restaurant in Japan that perfectly blends the past and future of Edomae sushi. Masahiro Yoshitake, the mastermind behind this culinary haven, not only preserves but also advances the traditional techniques developed by sushi artisans of yesteryears. One fine example of his innovation is the utilization of kobujime, a white-fleshed fish soaked in a broth made from kombu—a type of kelp. By doing so, Yoshitake elevates the flavor profile of the fish while ensuring it remains succulent by preventing any loss of moisture. Additionally, he meticulously prepares nikiri soy sauce separately to complement the unique characteristics of red-, white-fleshed, or blue-backed fish. These refined techniques and attention to detail make Sushi Yoshitake a must-visit destination for sushi enthusiasts seeking an unforgettable gastronomic experience.


Three Michelin Stars - Chinese

Sazenka, a renowned Michelin-starred restaurant in Japan, showcases the perfect fusion of Chinese and Japanese cuisines under the skilled guidance of Chef Tomoya Kawada. Embodying the concept of 'Japanese spirit drawing on Chinese learning', Sazenka impresses its guests with an extraordinary dining experience. Chef Kawada's culinary expertise lies in creating dishes that combine the delicate flavors achieved through both water-based and flame-cooked techniques. Among their many standout offerings, the 'Kippin Kanpo' deserves special mention. This dish, prepared using Sanriku awabi, beautifully exemplifies the unique balance between Chinese and Japanese influences found at Sazenka. The Chinese dishes served here are nothing short of sublime, infused with a captivating Japanese je ne sais quoi. Sazenka is truly a culinary gem that confidently stands out among other Michelin-starred restaurants in Japan.


Three Michelin Stars - Japanese

Taian, a Michelin-starred restaurant in Japan, embodies culinary excellence under the visionary leadership of Chef Hitoshi Takahata. By blending French and Japanese influences, Taian creates an innovative dining experience that pushes the boundaries of gastronomy. From the deep-fried white asparagus coated in ground senbei rice crackers to the autumn-inspired takikomi-gohan featuring mushrooms like hen-of-the-woods and chanterelle, every dish showcases the meticulous fusion of flavors. Notably, the charcoal-grilled duck seasoned with sansho salt exemplifies the harmonious marriage of distinct tastes. Taian represents a new generation of Japanese cuisine, where Chef Takahata's unwavering commitment to perfection and culinary artistry shines through in every meticulously crafted dish.

ASAHINA Gastronome

 Two Michelin Stars - French

ASAHINA Gastronome, a Michelin-starred restaurant in Japan, is a culinary gem led by the talented Satoru Asahina. With a confident tone, this establishment focuses on creating light dishes that embody the classic approach while incorporating modern touches. A standout dish is the grilled seafood and meat chaudfroid, served cold with a touch of innovation. Reflecting Japanese sensibility, each main dish is accompanied by a consommé, adding depth to the dining experience. The dishes at ASAHINA Gastronome are not only creative but visually pleasing, with a harmonious combination of main ingredients, sauces, and garnishes. This restaurant offers an unparalleled gastronomic journey where tradition meets innovation, leaving guests in awe.

Tempura Kondo

Two Michelin Stars - Tempura

Led by visionary chef Fumio Kondo, Tempura Kondo is revolutionizing the art of Edomae tempura in Japan. Chef Kondo's innovative techniques and unwavering dedication have elevated vegetables from side dishes to main attractions. His creations, such as shredded carrots fried like fireworks and cylindrical sweet potatoes resembling those baked on hot pebbles, showcase his ingenuity and push the boundaries of traditional tempura. With unprecedented success and recognition among Michelin-starred restaurants, Tempura Kondo offers a culinary journey where tradition seamlessly merges with innovation, forever changing the perception and enjoyment of Edomae tempura.

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