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Luxury, Curated

Created by David Eisen, an avid luxury traveler, LuxRally Travel composes unparalleled experiences. Your dedicated travel advisor is always just a text away.

The Lux Experience

Luxury Traveling Simplified

From transportation and hotel stays to dinner reservations at desirable venues, our services know no bounds. We handle the logistics behind the scenes to create a seamless, stress-free travel experience. Perhaps you have a preference of refreshments to greet you upon arrival? We will add it to your guest profile. Did we mention we never charge fees? All of the benefit, no cost to you.


Recent press

Our founder is interviewed on  VinWiki

David Eisen, the founder of LuxRally Travel is interviewed by car legend, and shrewd negotiator, Ed Bolian. Featured on an exotic car enthusiast channel, VinWiki, this video provides a peek into the level of service that LuxRally travel offers VIP clients. 


"When the pandemic docked cruise ships and all but emptied airports, one Miami-based travel agent found a way to boost his bookings and earn four times the national average of travel-agent commissions this past year. Based on the past six-months of bookings, he is on track to earn $1 million in commissions in 2021.

This is the story of an outsized character, who is an outlier in almost every way, who managed to do what many of his peers thought was impossible—make real money in a declining industry. It is also the story of supercars roaring down highways in the bayou, quiet deals in Japanese restaurants, and a late-night call to a lawyer tasking him to deliver 24 pillows to a Manhattan hotel room."


Highlighted Destination

Nizuc Resort and Spa

Nizuc lies between Cancun and Tulum on a sprawling 29-acre compound. The service is as exquisite as the architecture and private beach. The property offers many high end, but laid back dining experiences, along with a breathtaking spa. Many of the suites include a private pool and full butler service creating the opportunity for gratuitous luxury.

the LUX team

Decades of combined experience

Our team has a diverse range of skills allowing us to match each client with the agent that can best serve their unique needs.

The Team
Screen Shot 2021-06-07 at 9.38.43 PM.png

David eisen

Founder, Global Travel Advisor

Our founder, David Eisen, personally handles all VIP negotiations and bookings for ultra-high net-worth clients. A veteran of exotic car rallies and a cigar enthusiast, David has built a network of decadence. Personal relationships with the managers of Forbes five-star hotels, Michelin star restaurants and other heavy hitters in the hospitality industry allow David to set, meet and exceed the expectations of his clients. David is one of the top travel agents in the world. David currently resides in Miami with his fiancé Courtney Connell.


Alexander ireland

VIP Concierge

Alexander has over 15 years of experience in all facets of hospitality management. For the past ten years, Alexander served in all levels of management at the 5-Star Mandarin Oriental in Washington, D.C..  During his tenure, he provided first-class service to World leaders, A-list celebrities, Executives of Fortune 500 companies, and more. Alexander has a proven track record of attracting and retaining prestigious clientele. His impeccable attention to detail provides an exceptional experience to his clients, and this attention to detail will be available to LuxRally Travel clients. Alex's services are also available, for a fee, when not traveling with LuxRally Travel.  Alex has assisted hotels in receiving the coveted Forbes 5-Star Rating, and AAA 5-Diamond Rating. Alexander currently resides in Miami, FL.


david doyle

Director of Training and Development

Having trained directly under our founder for five years, David Doyle is an expert in luxury service, hospitality, and has experienced premier properties around the world first-hand. He has a deep understanding of what truly makes the best of the best in the world of travel. David has worked on the sales side of the agency for a number of years, and now David oversees the training of new travel advisors and spearheads new growth initiatives for the agency. He is personally responsible for the development of our Global Travel Advisors. David currently resides in Miami.


We have over 30 agents

You can become one of them.

LuxRally Travel is revolutionizing the industry with unparalleled service standards, training and limitless opportunity to earn income. Think you have an appetite for luxury and the acumen to service your network? Join our elite team. No prior travel agent experience required.

Join Our Team


The extra mile for enhanced luxury 

Our team has personal relationships with the managers of nearly all Forbes Five Star hotels around the world. Combining our contact list with the appropriate strategies, we are able to maximize your investment. Our VIP clients receive the best negotiated prices for suites and amenities, leaving nothing on the table.

VIP Negotiations

Mystery travel

The pinnacle of excitement, sans stress

Give us your budget, dates, basic parameters (i.e. warm weather, good food and international location) and we will create the ultimate mystery trip for you with unique excursions and destinations. Giving you only the minimal details, you will be surprised at every turn with luxurious and exotic experiences.

Mystery Trips

road trips

Road Trips re-defined, scenic routes with luxurious destinations

Experience the beauty of your destinations in a completely new way as you drive through the most scenic routes in the world. Valleys, forests and mountain greet you from the comfort of your car on these epic road trips. Moving from one hidden gem to the next, LuxRally Travel curates driving excursions that immerse you in both natural beauty and the luxuries you expect from five star accommodations.

Road Trips

Group Bookings

Expertly negotiated rates, less hassle

LuxRally Travel got its start in group bookings when David Eisen became dissatisfied with the level of service and accommodations offered in the exotic car rally world. The agency now handles nearly all exotic car rally bookings in the United States. With clients ranging from Commonwealth Financial to Savage Garage, group bookings are handled with both ease and precision. Allow our team to streamline your next group accommodations, relieving in-house staff from the logistics and learning curves associated with negotiation and site selection.

Group Bookings

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