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Courtney Eisen

Chief Marketing Officer

Courtney Eisen is a trailblazing marketing expert with a passion for digital innovation and a keen eye for luxury. As the Chief Marketing Officer of LuxRally Travel, Courtney's unique blend of experience in e-commerce, branding, and growth hacking has positioned her as a driving force behind the company's success.

Courtney's entrepreneurial spirit emerged early on when she founded an online furniture company while still in college. Demonstrating exceptional business acumen and marketing prowess, she rapidly scaled the venture to over $10 million in revenue. After selling her shares in the business, Courtney's expertise caught the attention of renowned luxury brand Cosabella.

Joining Cosabella, Courtney was instrumental in revolutionizing the company's digital footprint. She implemented cutting-edge AI marketing systems that garnered global press coverage from prestigious publications such as Forbes, The Wall Street Journal, and Adweek. Her innovative strategies not only elevated the brand's online presence but also cemented her reputation as a forward-thinking marketing leader.

Courtney's next challenge came as a Growth Hacker at SpyScape NY, where she once again showcased her ability to drive impressive business growth. Despite her flourishing career, Courtney's adventurous spirit led her to take a break and explore the finer things in life. This journey of self-discovery and indulgence ultimately inspired her to join forces with her husband, David Eisen, in the luxury travel industry.

Together, they pilot LuxRally Travel, a company dedicated to curating unforgettable experiences for discerning travelers. As Chief Marketing Officer, Courtney combines her extensive knowledge of digital marketing and luxury branding with her personal passion for travel. Her strategic vision and marketing expertise have been instrumental in establishing LuxRally Travel as a premier choice for luxury getaways.

Favorite Hotel in the USA?

Primland, I love the luxurious / outdoorsy vibe, privacy and service. It's such a cozy, serene and beautiful place to vacation in the states.

Favorite Hotel Internationally?

Nizuc Resort and Spa, it's such an easy flight from Miami and a little slice of paradise with a gorgeous beach, clean architechture, lots of dining options and excellent service.

Most Memorable Dining Experience?

The Inn at Little Washington. It was such an epic experience to buy out the venue with some of our closest friends and the food was absolutely next level. Every course was to die for and the "Apparently a Pear" was even more amazing in person.

Next Trip?

A Celebrity Cruise on the Apex in the Retreat to Iceland and Ireland. I am excited to try the Retreat first hand, a full report will be given upon my return.


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