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The Ivy League of Travel Agent Schools

By Courtney Eisen

January 26, 2024

Our agency has a reputation to uphold, and our training reflects that. We are an Ivy League-level travel agent school. This doesn't mean you need a fancy degree to join our team. However, it does mean you need to be ready to put in hours of hard work if you want to become a LuxRally Travel Agent. Here's the scoop on why our training program is the toughest in the industry.

You Must Pay Attention

Most travel agent trainings are easy with somewhat silly or obvious questions. You can't just pay partial attention and expect to do well. Our program requires that you fully engage with and study the materials provided in each module. You need to take the course material seriously, watch every video from start to finish, and take notes to score well on your quizzes.

We Actually Teach You How to Sell

Learning to use booking tools is at the heart of most agent trainings, and don't worry, we cover that thoroughly. However, since we don't make money until you do, we focus on the more human aspects of selling travel. Our sales module is comprehensive, with hours of videos and candid insights into this industry directly from our founder and top-earning single agent in the world, David Eisen. From positioning yourself in the minds of both clients and potential clients to closing deals, we delve into the details in our tell-all sessions with David.

We Cover Marketing Basics

We don't just want you to know how to sell; we want you to know how to effectively market yourself. We cover the essentials for getting your book of business off the ground. Only our trainees have access to the details, but most host agencies and travel agents use an outdated, overcomplicated approach. We cut through the noise and teach practical methods that anyone can use. We're here to make money and don't believe in fluff and "feel good" initiatives that usually waste time, money, and energy. We are straight shooters and do not sugarcoat anything.

Time and Dedication Are Required

You have four weeks to complete the self-guided portion of our training, which can take anywhere from 20 to 50 hours, depending on how quickly you absorb the information. This is not a sunshine and rainbows agency. We don't want you earning the average ($3,000) in your first year. We want you earning $60,000+ . We are constantly updating our training to help our agents start making real money faster. However, we cannot implant microchips of this information into your brain. You must dedicate yourself to learning this industry. Career changes are serious, and while most agents start out selling travel as a side hustle, we expect everyone's goal to be to make this a full-time career as soon as it makes financial sense.

Not Everyone Passes

We don't want just anyone. Our training is designed to scare you away. We want motivated individuals who are committed to excellence and who do not give up when facing a challenge. Our training weeds out the weak. You can absolutely fail, and many do. All quizzes are graded. If you fail a quiz three times, you are dropped from the program. This goes back to the need to pay attention and take the materials seriously. Only 50% of our trainees pass our capstone assessment on their first try (you get three attempts). We don't give away our secret sauce, but the final assessment can only be passed by those who are comfortable speaking with clients, understand booking tools, and can make appropriate product recommendations and communicate accurate information. 

Graduating Means You've Achieved Something

Our course is not easy. Only 25% of applicants actually become LuxRally Travel Agents. If you graduate from our program and are welcomed into our ranks, it means you are prepared to become one of the world's most elite agents. There is still hard work to do post-graduation, but our training prepares you for it. Graduating from our training is cause for celebration, and there are genuine smiles and senses of relief on the faces of our agents once they pass the capstone assessment. If you join us, you've impressed us and have something significant to be proud of.

Ivy League Training, Zero Cost

Yes, you read that right. Despite being the Ivy League of travel agent training, we don't charge a dime for our program. We know that everyone travels, and booking travel through us is the best way to do it. This means the number of clients our agency can service is endless. We don't make money a barrier to entry. Our barrier to entry is how hard you are willing to work towards becoming a skilled expert. We invest in you because your success is our success.

Conclusion: This is a Serious Academic Endeavor

Career pivots and learning a new industry are not easy. Our travel agent training takes you seriously and demands that you take us seriously. We will push you, and you will need to push yourself. This is a free opportunity to change your life. Our agents have a sense of pride because they've overcome something difficult before stepping out into the world. Our agents are confident, competent, and higher-earning because our agent training is the most comprehensive, challenging, and candid on the market.

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We are not here to make selling travel sound like the most fun job in the world where everything is wonderful and easy. This is not a get-rich-quick scheme. To be a top earner, you will work late nights, spend countless hours learning about destinations, hotels, cruises, and various other travel vendors, and make real sacrifices. This industry is lucrative but not for the lazy. While we love what we do and enjoy tons of perks, we work hard. We are a high-pressure agency. If you want a side hobby to make enough money to take your family to Disney once a year, do us all a favor and stop reading this article, get off our website, and look for a host agency with guaranteed-to-pass training that doesn't care about how much you sell. It will save us both time and effort. Be honest with yourself before applying. Are you here to be the best? Are you here to make six or seven figures? Do you understand that it takes hard work, resourcefulness, and consistent dedication to be excellent? If so, we want you. If not, please don't apply.

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