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How Much Does Travel Agent Training Cost? LuxRally Travel vs. Traditional Host Agencies

By Courtney Eisen

March 15, 2023

Are you considering a career as a travel agent but unsure about the cost of training programs? Look no further! In this article, we will compare the costs of LuxRally Travel and traditional host agencies, so you can make an informed decision. Let's dive right in!

The High Costs of Many Host Agencies and Travel Agent Schools

When it comes to pursuing a career as a travel agent, one of the biggest hurdles is the cost of training. Many host agencies and travel agent schools charge exorbitant fees, ranging from hundreds to even thousands of dollars. These costs can be a significant barrier for aspiring travel agents, especially those who are just starting out or looking to switch careers.

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LuxRally Travel: Free Training with Time and Commitment

At LuxRally Travel, we believe that everyone should have access to quality training without breaking the bank. That's why our travel agent training program is 100% free! Yes, you read that right – zero cost to you. We value your time and commitment, which is why we require a commitment of 12-16 hours and a one-year commitment to our agency after completing the training.

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Beyond Free: Start-Up Licensing Costs and Booking Tools Covered

Not only is our training free, but we go above and beyond to support our trainees. LuxRally Travel covers your start-up licensing costs, ensuring that you can hit the ground running without any financial burden. Additionally, we provide access to booking tools, giving you the necessary resources to excel in your travel agent career.

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Conclusion: LuxRally Travel - Your Path to Becoming a Travel Agent

In conclusion, if you're researching travel agent training programs, LuxRally Travel offers a unique and cost-effective solution. Unlike many traditional host agencies and travel agent schools, our training is completely free. We understand the financial constraints that aspiring travel agents may face, and we aim to eliminate those barriers by providing quality training without the hefty price tag.

By choosing LuxRally Travel, you not only receive comprehensive training but also have your start-up licensing costs covered and access to essential booking tools. It's a win-win situation for anyone looking to embark on a successful career as a travel agent.

Ready to take the first step towards becoming a travel agent? Contact us today to learn more about our free training program and start your journey with LuxRally Travel!


Are there any hidden costs associated with LuxRally Travel's training program?

No, LuxRally Travel's training program is 100% free, including start-up licensing costs and access to booking tools. We are confident that we have the best travel agent school - and it's free.

How long does LuxRally Travel's training program take to complete?

LuxRally Travel's training program typically takes 12-16 hours to complete.

Can I join a different host agency immediately after completing LuxRally Travel's training?

No, LuxRally Travel requires a commitment of one year to their agency after completing the training.

A Closer Look at LuxRally Travel's Free Travel Agent Training

Looking for a cost-effective way to break into the luxury travel industry? LuxRally Travel offers an enticing solution with its free online travel agent training program. This comprehensive curriculum equips you with all the knowledge and resources you need to kickstart your career as a luxury travel agent.

LuxRally's in-depth courses cover a broad range of topics such as the role of a travel agent, efficient sales techniques, understanding hotel benefits programs, accounting basics, booking through third-party suppliers, using Global Distribution Systems (GDS), managing group bookings, and booking ancillary services like tours and cars.

The best part? Upon completing our self-directed program, you can enjoy one-on-one remote sessions with our VP of Sales, who provides personalized resources and mentorship to strengthen your skills further.

In the travel industry, the power of mentorship and camaraderie cannot be understated. It's particularly crucial for independent travel agents who often have to navigate the complexities of the field without the backing of a larger company. That's where LuxRally steps in. We offer our members invaluable mentorship opportunities, access to group chats with other LuxRally agents for advice and recommendations, and unique AMA (Ask Me Anything) sessions with David Eisen, the World's Highest-Grossing Travel Agent.

For seasoned travel agents, consistent communication with peers is vital to stay ahead of industry trends and changes that could impact their business and clients. By becoming part of LuxRally's network, you gain access to resources like special rates, benefits, and introductions to key management contacts in luxury properties worldwide.

So how much does the training cost? About 12-16 hours of your time, the course and mentorship are complimentary for our new agents.

Ready to embrace the world of luxury travel without breaking the bank? Start your journey today with LuxRally Travel's free online travel agent training course. It's time to turn your intrigue for premium travel into a thriving career!

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